STARS: ****

This was my second Dan Brown book after Deception point. I liked the concept. Few things the book was able to provide-
Vivid knowlwdge and details about the subject that’s a Dan Brown style.
A good grip and great thrill.
Another female protagonist that shows women are no less superior than men
Love and ambitions sometimes make you stupid and fool.
The story is set on America’s most intelligence Institute National Security Agency. The cryptographers of NSA has devised an instrument that can break any encrypted code within few minutes. When a code named Digital Fortress is given as input the code took unbelievably long time to crack. The code was made by an ex crypto of NSA who blackmailed NSA to reveal their secret of their code breaking machine. The head of Crypto fall for the trap and tried to break the digital fortress. Later they realised it was not an unbreakable code or virus but a simply dangerous program that can destroy NSA’s security capacity and make it vulnerable to outside hackers. At last the officials were successful in saving NSA from shame.
Well, the only confusion I have is whether Greg Hale was murdered or committed suicide. In the book it was described in such a way, at first one might think reading the scene that it was a suicide but as events passed the idea of murder came to spot. Anyway, it was a result of ingenious effort and research. I’m looking forward to read more of Dan Brown’s book in future.


6 thoughts on “5#Review

    • trinareads says:

      Yes Poulomi, I also thought that it was a murder. But it was not mentioned in the book lucidly. May be the author decides to put it in that way to check the readers’ grey cell capacity.


  1. sanediscoverer says:

    I read three of Dan Brown books – Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbols and Angels and Demons. Somewhere I felt the plot was basically the same ‘he gets a call-somebody is murdered – he finds a girl- police chase – police comes on his side – murderer chase – murderer kidnaps somebody important – Langdon save the day’ only the concepts are different. His books are informative though. (Im the Instagram friend who’s sending you a bookmark😁)


    • trinareads says:

      Hey Vaishnavi right ? Okay but I have not read Langdon yet. I’ve only read Deception Point and this book. Yes, I also found something similar here and that is the boss or commander is the culprit. But they are not totally similar like in every plots. And yes of course his books are full of knowledge and information. But no doubt they are thrilling.


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