STARS: ***1/2

I read this book last month. I got this book as a birthday present from two of my best friends.They surprised me with this book after my exam. I was so surprised since I did not expect this gift. I was really glad that they decided to give me a Mary Westmacott novel.

I’ve read many of Christie’s novels but none by her pseudo name. I started reading this book thinking that it would be a thriller or as usual Christie style detective-crime. But gradually as I turned the pages I found out that this novel was nowhere near thriller or crime.

The story went like this-  A woman went to visit one of her daughter in Baghdad due to her illness. She was returning to London when she met one of her school friend. There her friend started talking about their problems, family matters and about their children and life. After that chat few questions rose to the lady’s mind. She then found herself in a old railway rest house due to the disruption in railway services. She had to wait for about four days. There where she realized about herself and her husband and their children. There are some moments in our life where some questions get stuck in our mind about our loved ones whether they truly love us or is it just for the sake of the relationship that they still talk or whether they love somebody else but pretend to love you the whole time. This lady in this novel was also in a dilemma whether her husband really loved her. She thought about some old memories that passed on like flashbacks. Finally she came to a conclusion where she convinced herself that she was truly loved by her family and it was all in her foolish mind that she was worrying about.

But in the end, it was described that the old lady’s apprehension was right about her husband’s another love. But she never came to know about it as her husband never let her know. She loved his wife honestly but also secretly loved the other woman whom he found foolish yet different, helpless yet strong. The one thing that I learned from this book is that Christie was not only the queen of crime and mystery but also a great human character analyzer. Anyway, it was a different form of read and I moderately enjoyed it.


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