Favorite Indian Author


I decided to do an author appreciation post. Before saying why Amish is my favorite Indian author I would like to talk about my liking on mythology.

Indian Mythology is somehow related to Indian epics. The two most famous Indian epics are Mahabharata and Ramayana. I came to know the stories of these epics when I was a kid of about three years. I was very fond of my grandmother and she used to tell me these stories all the time. Every night a bed time story was a must listen from her. Since then I got acquainted to the plots and various characters of Indian mythology. As we all know the Hindus do not believe in a single God but millions. So, the number of stories describing the Gods’ origin and their greatness are also more than hundreds. Each origin has a different plot based on the culture of India. I started to like Indian Mythology more when I read The Gita. Anyone who has read it must know the slokas and the writings are so much valuable.

Recently a few years back Amish Tripathy wrote his debut novel The Immortals of MELUHA. It was beginning of the modern myth and the Amish magic. I read his first book when I was in my high school. The plot was different. The story was set on the ancient Northern part of India. Then also there was discrimination in  the society. There were various classes of people. The Nagas were considered to be the most impure ones. Shiva before he became the Lord Shiva was the leader of his tribe. This story mainly surrounds how he met Parvati and got married with her, how his greatness started to grow and how he became superior. After a few months of the first release and an instant hit, the second book was published. There, certain new characters were introduced like Ganesh, Kali (both were Nagas), Parashuram. Kali was Naga sister of Durga/Parvati. But Parvati only came to know about this when there was conflict of the Nagas and Khastryas. In the last book as it was in the legend Parvati’s end was described in the most  challenging way. Needless to say I was more addicted to mythology after reading his books. So, last year when his first book of The Ramachandra Series was published I bought the book and read it. It was not that intriguing like The Shiva Trilogy but I’m hoping the next books will be surely more interesting. If we keep in mind the old Ramyana and then read this book, then it will be not justified. This book is revisiting mythology in a different path so we have to be ready for new views and keep an open mind to accept the imagination and creativity of the author.



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