Why do a cover change?


Every weekend when I return to my home I try to spend most of the time with my books, rearranging the shelves, rereading the favorite ones or taking photos of the books. ✌😄

      Recently, @bloomsburypublishing announced that there is going to be a cover change of😐😕 #theboneseasonseries …. Well, it’s really disappointing when the new cover doesn’t seem to be as much gorgeous as the previous ones. I won’t say that the new covers are that bad but I also can’t deny, the previous ones were more stunning and I really love them😍. To me it is more important what is inside than what the outside looks like for a book and I’m pretty sure that #thesongrising won’t be a less intriguing compared to the previous two books. #samanthashannon has described the character of Paige Mahoney in such a beautiful✨ way that Paige has become my most favorite💕 female fictional character. I’m eagerly waiting for the 3rd book of the series. It’s too bad that I’ve to wait till March, 2017 😞.


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