STARS: ***

I’ve read the book ‘IF I STAY’ last month. I bought this book for two reasons- 1. It was over-hyped, I heard so many good views about this book and the movie based on this book was said to be also equally good; 2. This book was available on sale.

I started reading the book with so much enthusiasm even knowing that it didn’t belong to my favorite genre. This book tells the story of a high school girl Mia who unlike any other girl of her age loves classical music. She lives with her parents and brother Mia plays cello and practice devotedly. Her life was happy but became full of fun and adventure when she met her boyfriend Adam. She used to go to various concerts with him. They both loved music. Adam had a band. Though he had passion for contemporary music like rock,punk rock still they found themselves closer through music. Everything was going well unless one day her parents decide for a family trip to their friends house. On the way their car crashed as it got hit by a truck. Mia’s father, mother and brother died in that accident.

The main story that the author has focused starts from here. Mia is about to die. She is in coma. So, she can see everybody, listen to them but is invisible to other while her body is lying unconscious on the hospital bed. Her fight to get back to her life is described here. She is in a dilemma whether to live or to let go. She has a hard time deciding to choose between her dead family or her best friend and boyfriend. Finally the story ends with a positive vibe.

I personally didn’t love the story that much. It was a nice read with some positive thoughts and approach towards life. The story is dragged a bit where there could have been added a bit of suspense. Because when Mia was invisible that part had been too simple and was only surfacing within the hospital wings which I found a bit boring.


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