STARS : ****

ABOUT THE BOOK : This story is set in a post apocalyptic world in future where the Earth or Midgard  is ruled by the VIKING GODS, VANIR. After the one sided Pacification War (where not a single Vanir was killed) between Man and Vanirim the Vanir took control to make earth a better place free from crime, pollution and all other major mistakes dwelling on earth. The story’s male protagonist is Tully McIntyre a 19 year old child care worker and social worker who stumbles on the most impossible event…a dead Vanir. It is almost impossible to kill a Vanir by a human. On the other hand Tully is sanctioned. When a person is sanctioned it means that person can no more feel any high feelings like love,pain,anger,happiness or any other emotions. So, it is absurd for him to kill a Vanir. But as this killing continues the solid evidence points to Tully as the killer. The Vanir also thinks that Tully is behind all these brutal murders even if he has alibis in most of the cases. Tully also met his bad twin in one of the killing event but at first he could not understand who this person was or whether he was hallucinating. But one of his client Debby actually believes him and explain all the possibilities of the existence of the other Tully from different dimension. Expositor Stella and Vanir Vali is investigating the murders and the case of the Vanir killings. Stella in the meantime fell for Tully as the met for a few times personally and on business. Stella is also very curious to know why Tully got sanctioned but her questions remain unanswered both by Vali and Tully. When six killings has already occurred the Vanirim begins a hunt for Tully. But they were unable to find him. As Deb accompany Tully on his run from the Higher Council, his bad twin again arrives and advises him. The investigation and the Tully hunt continues by Stella, Vali and other Vanir officials when Stella and Vali decides to meet Tully’s psychiatrist. There they discover some unbelievable facts about him. Moreover Vali tells Tully about the conflicts between the gods Vanir and Aesir which opens up more doors to the possibilities of the continuous Vanir murders.

MY THOUGHTS : The story was actually the potpourri of most of my favorite genres . I simply loved the plot. The concept was undoubtedly awesome and so cool. Two things came to my mind as I finished reading the book -1. This story is perfect for a movie/tv series/anime and 2. What is going to happen next? How will Tully survive the war between the Gods?

T J SLEE experimented with a new genre and created the most fantastic story. There was suspense from the beginning. The concept of spawn points,portals and teleportation power of Tully was really mind blowing. The author has written this story simply, to the point and surely it was not at all boring. This story is the best example where sci-fi meets mythology. I won’t say much or else I might ruin all the plot twists. Yes, this story has some terrific plot twists as well. In one word the story was absolutely marvelous. I personally recommend this book to any book lover who loves science-fiction.







STARS : ***½

This was my first Rainbow Rowell read. I finished reading the book in one day. It was short, fun and cute. Elena was a big fan of Star Wars. She got her likeness towards Star Wars from her father. But she haven’t seen any prequels of the movie ever. So, finally when the sequel was about to release after so many days, Elena decided to go to the movie theater few days before the release date and enjoy the pre release party. But she never expected to find only 2 people other than her in the footpath. As the days passed they all got more and more excited. Gabe and Troy were Elena’s other two fellow party partners on the footpath. They came to know each other gradually. But Elena never expected Gabe to be her classmate. That’s where their friendship started but in a different way not any way an usual friendship between a boy-girl starts. I really enjoyed that part. It was really, sweet and innocent.

June Book Wrap up


I am pretty late at posting this. I should have done this earlier. I have written my reviews on these books on my previous posts. Kindly visit them and share your views on them. I’m new in book blogging. I need encouragements so that I can at least post once a week. May be that won’t happen sometime when I’ll have too much study loads or exam but I’ll be try my best.

I finished reading 5 books this month( #june ). I started reading 6 books but could not finish one. I’ll probably finish it next month( #july ). So, here are my ratings –
1⃣#Flawed : 5/5 ⭐
2⃣#harrypotterandthechamberofsecrets : 4½/5 ⭐
3⃣#digitalfortress : 4/5 ⭐
4⃣#inferno : 3½/5 ⭐
5⃣#andtherebyhangsatale : 3/5 ⭐

Kindly check my reviews on all these above books by clicking on the REVIEW section.




#bookishcloseup of The Sittaford Mystery




STARS : ****

This story as the title suggests  surface around the place called Sittaford. Captain Joseph Trevelyn owns his house there and made a few cottages around the place which he sold to several people. A Mrs. Willet and her daughter came from South Africa and rented the house though he had no interest in selling it. Mrs. Willet invited Trevelyn to the house for evening get together but he turned down every time. All the residence of the Sittaford area gathered at The Sittaford House at certain evenings. At one such evening when it was snowing heavily, they decided to do something different and tried table turning. There they surprisingly came to know that Captain Trevelyn was dead. Major Burnaby who was Captain’s best friend was so shocked that he decided to visit him immediately. After that Captain was found dead at his house by Major and the doctor. After few investigation the police arrested Jim, Captain’s nephew for having proper evidence to perform the crime. But his would be wife Emily was a strong-willed woman. She was determined enough to see the end of it. Since she didn’t believe that Jim could have murdered his uncle she started investing by herself with the help of Charles, a reporter. Finally she was successful in detecting the murderer of Captain and saved Jim.

Well, I’ve read better stories by Agatha Christie. I was somehow guessed the murderer this time. So, I felt a bit of happiness when my guess actually matched in the end. The story was not boring but it was nothing extraordinary. The truth is I expect a lot more plot twist and suspense from Christie.








STARS: ****

This is the first book I received from the author for the first time. She has been so kind to send me her book and I am so grateful to her. I finished reading this book just now and I have really enjoyed reading the story. One phrase to describe it- Touched my heart.

About the story : As you all can guess this story is about Greg Millar and also Lucy Arigho. Lucy is a graphic designer who works at a company Get Smart with Fint her job partner. Lucy’s fiance Brendan died on a road accident. So, on her way to office when she watches a car being driven so carelessly she could not help but talk to the driver and he was none other than the famous author Greg Millar. Later at her office she found out that they were having meeting for Greg’s recent book cover. Since then Lucy and Greg starts seeing each other. They both meet each other’s family. After having a barbecue at Greg’s house Lucy came to know that Hillary is the nanny of Greg’s two kids Rachel and Toby. Rob, Greg’s brother their admits that he has never seen his brother so active after Greg’s wife Catherine died. Soon after that Greg proposes Lucy to marry him. Lucy at first denied that but afterwards accepted his proposal. Rachel was not easy with Lucy being her to-be stepmother on the other hand Toby was a always happy and bright kid. Greg invited Lucy to his Villa in France and spend her summer holidays. There the changes start. Greg became over hyper, too active and never tired. After that he started disappearing without any notice.Once on a trip back from the hills in France Greg did terribly like crazy maniac recklessly. Alongside Lucy finds it troubling to get close with the kids with Hillary always with them. Hillary manipulates Rachel saying that Lucy wants her to get out of the house. Rachel gets more and more difficult. After certain unexpected events like that Greg became too low. Then he fires Hillary without any previous concern. Lucy finds out that there’s something wrong with him. But Greg always gets upset when he is bothered about this. But somehow Lucy persuaded him back to Dublin their home. After returning Greg visits a doctor and after check up he is diagnosed with bipolar disorder ( a mental  disorder ). Greg was sent to hospital when Lucy tried to parent his two kids. It was difficult with Rachel at first but gradually everything cool down. In the mean time Hillary kept on threatening Lucy to let her talk to Greg but she never allows her. By the time Greg recovers and comes back home, they become a happy family. Greg and Lucy gets married. Everything became almost happy and perfect. Greg also publish his book on his life on those days while he was suffering from bipolar disorder. It became an instant hit.

One day suddenly a letter arrived claiming their kids by their grandparents. They soon found out that Hillary was behind all this. Now whether they will be able to get their kids back becomes a big question mark….

My thoughts: Honestly this is the best book based on family I’ve read. This story is so real and it seems to cling with daily lives so much. It was easy for me to visualize the life of Greg and Lucy as it is a movie. Toby was so cute and innocent. I really loved Lucy. She fought till the end. One thing I clearly got from this book – if you stay true to your path and be honest no one can drag you down how hard they even try. And, my my, how evil can Hillary be? She was too evil to be a nanny or barely a human. We should keep in our mind that every thing has a limit and no one should step out of it. Hillary being a nanny stepped out of her limit. She forgot her scope and tried to ruin Greg’s family from the core only because she could not bear kid herself. At first reading the boom I expected it be a psychological thriller or a crime-thriller with a tremendous plot twist. Later I discovered that how beautifully Aimee has written the story so simple, so true from the roots that gave the plot a tremendous touch of reality. The story was not at all boring. In fact it kept me glued from the beginning till the end. And when I was reading the letter written by Rachel to bring them back to their parents I almost cried. I totally loved this and I’m glad the author herself send me her book. Thank you so much Aimee.








STARS: ***1/2

About the book: Robert Langdon woke up in  a hospital bed having no memory of the last two days of his life, only knowing that he was shot in the head. After realizing that he is at Florence he could not understand why when he should be at his homeland. Then starts the back to back events that has no possible explanations to Robert. He then found escaping with  Sienna who was his doctor in the hospital. He then fled with her to her apartment to save themselves from a gunned woman with spiked hair. Later at the apartment Robert discovered something about Sienna that she was a gifted child with an absurdly developing brain. Then they were suddenly chased by some soldiers clad in black. Robert thought his government wants to kill him because of the projector that he possesses. Later he found the message from the projected image and could link it with his hallucinations that said -“seek and ye shall find”. Finally Robert found the death masks that hid the message from Zobrist. Zobrist is a genius who wants to control the overgrown human population. So he has found a way to devise it.

On the other hand Zobrist took help of a company that helped him to control his safety and hid him from WHO who were trying to stop him. He peacefully did his experiments and finally committed suicide.Robert understood that there’s a plague soon to be spread in the world devised by Zobrist. With the help of Sienna he traveled to Venice in order to find the place where Zobrist hid his solution. The WHO at the same time were trying to find the place shown on the video sent by Zobrist to the head of the company he was taking aid from. The Provost finally realized that he was helping the wrong client so he contacted WHO by himself making a breach in their policy. The WHO finally got Robert but somehow Sienna got escaped. There Robert came to know that he was working for the WHO but Sienna got him and erased his memory, setting up a situation of gunshot. Sienna knew Zobrist very closely and he was her first love. So, the WHO thought Sienna was working to release the plague. Finally with bang an a grand plot twist it was proved that the plague has already been dispersed and Sienna was trying to stop it. The last incidents took place in Instanbul where in an underground chamber Zobrist stored his invention that would not kill the people like all other plague but would make 1/3rd of world population sterile.

My thoughts: I absolutely loved the plot. Basically the idea. I think the author has also tried tell us to not sit back and relax but take it into our concern that human population is on the verge to explode.But somehow I found this book boring that’s why 3 and 1/2 stars. I found the details too much lagging. The rest was brilliant and Sienna, My God, she is fabulous.