STARS: ***1/2

About the book: Robert Langdon woke up in  a hospital bed having no memory of the last two days of his life, only knowing that he was shot in the head. After realizing that he is at Florence he could not understand why when he should be at his homeland. Then starts the back to back events that has no possible explanations to Robert. He then found escaping with  Sienna who was his doctor in the hospital. He then fled with her to her apartment to save themselves from a gunned woman with spiked hair. Later at the apartment Robert discovered something about Sienna that she was a gifted child with an absurdly developing brain. Then they were suddenly chased by some soldiers clad in black. Robert thought his government wants to kill him because of the projector that he possesses. Later he found the message from the projected image and could link it with his hallucinations that said -“seek and ye shall find”. Finally Robert found the death masks that hid the message from Zobrist. Zobrist is a genius who wants to control the overgrown human population. So he has found a way to devise it.

On the other hand Zobrist took help of a company that helped him to control his safety and hid him from WHO who were trying to stop him. He peacefully did his experiments and finally committed suicide.Robert understood that there’s a plague soon to be spread in the world devised by Zobrist. With the help of Sienna he traveled to Venice in order to find the place where Zobrist hid his solution. The WHO at the same time were trying to find the place shown on the video sent by Zobrist to the head of the company he was taking aid from. The Provost finally realized that he was helping the wrong client so he contacted WHO by himself making a breach in their policy. The WHO finally got Robert but somehow Sienna got escaped. There Robert came to know that he was working for the WHO but Sienna got him and erased his memory, setting up a situation of gunshot. Sienna knew Zobrist very closely and he was her first love. So, the WHO thought Sienna was working to release the plague. Finally with bang an a grand plot twist it was proved that the plague has already been dispersed and Sienna was trying to stop it. The last incidents took place in Instanbul where in an underground chamber Zobrist stored his invention that would not kill the people like all other plague but would make 1/3rd of world population sterile.

My thoughts: I absolutely loved the plot. Basically the idea. I think the author has also tried tell us to not sit back and relax but take it into our concern that human population is on the verge to explode.But somehow I found this book boring that’s why 3 and 1/2 stars. I found the details too much lagging. The rest was brilliant and Sienna, My God, she is fabulous.



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