STARS: ****

This is the first book I received from the author for the first time. She has been so kind to send me her book and I am so grateful to her. I finished reading this book just now and I have really enjoyed reading the story. One phrase to describe it- Touched my heart.

About the story : As you all can guess this story is about Greg Millar and also Lucy Arigho. Lucy is a graphic designer who works at a company Get Smart with Fint her job partner. Lucy’s fiance Brendan died on a road accident. So, on her way to office when she watches a car being driven so carelessly she could not help but talk to the driver and he was none other than the famous author Greg Millar. Later at her office she found out that they were having meeting for Greg’s recent book cover. Since then Lucy and Greg starts seeing each other. They both meet each other’s family. After having a barbecue at Greg’s house Lucy came to know that Hillary is the nanny of Greg’s two kids Rachel and Toby. Rob, Greg’s brother their admits that he has never seen his brother so active after Greg’s wife Catherine died. Soon after that Greg proposes Lucy to marry him. Lucy at first denied that but afterwards accepted his proposal. Rachel was not easy with Lucy being her to-be stepmother on the other hand Toby was a always happy and bright kid. Greg invited Lucy to his Villa in France and spend her summer holidays. There the changes start. Greg became over hyper, too active and never tired. After that he started disappearing without any notice.Once on a trip back from the hills in France Greg did terribly like crazy maniac recklessly. Alongside Lucy finds it troubling to get close with the kids with Hillary always with them. Hillary manipulates Rachel saying that Lucy wants her to get out of the house. Rachel gets more and more difficult. After certain unexpected events like that Greg became too low. Then he fires Hillary without any previous concern. Lucy finds out that there’s something wrong with him. But Greg always gets upset when he is bothered about this. But somehow Lucy persuaded him back to Dublin their home. After returning Greg visits a doctor and after check up he is diagnosed with bipolar disorder ( a mental ¬†disorder ). Greg was sent to hospital when Lucy tried to parent his two kids. It was difficult with Rachel at first but gradually everything cool down. In the mean time Hillary kept on threatening Lucy to let her talk to Greg but she never allows her. By the time Greg recovers and comes back home, they become a happy family. Greg and Lucy gets married. Everything became almost happy and perfect. Greg also publish his book on his life on those days while he was suffering from bipolar disorder. It became an instant hit.

One day suddenly a letter arrived claiming their kids by their grandparents. They soon found out that Hillary was behind all this. Now whether they will be able to get their kids back becomes a big question mark….

My thoughts: Honestly this is the best book based on family I’ve read. This story is so real and it seems to cling with daily lives so much. It was easy for me to visualize the life of Greg and Lucy as it is a movie. Toby was so cute and innocent. I really loved Lucy. She fought till the end. One thing I clearly got from this book – if you stay true to your path and be honest no one can drag you down how hard they even try. And, my my, how evil can Hillary be? She was too evil to be a nanny or barely a human. We should keep in our mind that every thing has a limit and no one should step out of it. Hillary being a nanny stepped out of her limit. She forgot her scope and tried to ruin Greg’s family from the core only because she could not bear kid herself. At first reading the boom I expected it be a psychological thriller or a crime-thriller with a tremendous plot twist. Later I discovered that how beautifully Aimee has written the story so simple, so true from the roots that gave the plot a tremendous touch of reality. The story was not at all boring. In fact it kept me glued from the beginning till the end. And when I was reading the letter written by Rachel to bring them back to their parents I almost cried. I totally loved this and I’m glad the author herself send me her book. Thank you so much Aimee.




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