#bookishcloseup of The Sittaford Mystery




STARS : ****

This story as the title suggests  surface around the place called Sittaford. Captain Joseph Trevelyn owns his house there and made a few cottages around the place which he sold to several people. A Mrs. Willet and her daughter came from South Africa and rented the house though he had no interest in selling it. Mrs. Willet invited Trevelyn to the house for evening get together but he turned down every time. All the residence of the Sittaford area gathered at The Sittaford House at certain evenings. At one such evening when it was snowing heavily, they decided to do something different and tried table turning. There they surprisingly came to know that Captain Trevelyn was dead. Major Burnaby who was Captain’s best friend was so shocked that he decided to visit him immediately. After that Captain was found dead at his house by Major and the doctor. After few investigation the police arrested Jim, Captain’s nephew for having proper evidence to perform the crime. But his would be wife Emily was a strong-willed woman. She was determined enough to see the end of it. Since she didn’t believe that Jim could have murdered his uncle she started investing by herself with the help of Charles, a reporter. Finally she was successful in detecting the murderer of Captain and saved Jim.

Well, I’ve read better stories by Agatha Christie. I was somehow guessed the murderer this time. So, I felt a bit of happiness when my guess actually matched in the end. The story was not boring but it was nothing extraordinary. The truth is I expect a lot more plot twist and suspense from Christie.




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