June Book Wrap up


I am pretty late at posting this. I should have done this earlier. I have written my reviews on these books on my previous posts. Kindly visit them and share your views on them. I’m new in book blogging. I need encouragements so that I can at least post once a week. May be that won’t happen sometime when I’ll have too much study loads or exam but I’ll be try my best.

I finished reading 5 books this month( #june ). I started reading 6 books but could not finish one. I’ll probably finish it next month( #july ). So, here are my ratings –
1⃣#Flawed : 5/5 ⭐
2⃣#harrypotterandthechamberofsecrets : 4½/5 ⭐
3⃣#digitalfortress : 4/5 ⭐
4⃣#inferno : 3½/5 ⭐
5⃣#andtherebyhangsatale : 3/5 ⭐

Kindly check my reviews on all these above books by clicking on the REVIEW section.



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