STARS : ****

ABOUT THE BOOK : This story is set in a post apocalyptic world in future where the Earth or Midgard  is ruled by the VIKING GODS, VANIR. After the one sided Pacification War (where not a single Vanir was killed) between Man and Vanirim the Vanir took control to make earth a better place free from crime, pollution and all other major mistakes dwelling on earth. The story’s male protagonist is Tully McIntyre a 19 year old child care worker and social worker who stumbles on the most impossible event…a dead Vanir. It is almost impossible to kill a Vanir by a human. On the other hand Tully is sanctioned. When a person is sanctioned it means that person can no more feel any high feelings like love,pain,anger,happiness or any other emotions. So, it is absurd for him to kill a Vanir. But as this killing continues the solid evidence points to Tully as the killer. The Vanir also thinks that Tully is behind all these brutal murders even if he has alibis in most of the cases. Tully also met his bad twin in one of the killing event but at first he could not understand who this person was or whether he was hallucinating. But one of his client Debby actually believes him and explain all the possibilities of the existence of the other Tully from different dimension. Expositor Stella and Vanir Vali is investigating the murders and the case of the Vanir killings. Stella in the meantime fell for Tully as the met for a few times personally and on business. Stella is also very curious to know why Tully got sanctioned but her questions remain unanswered both by Vali and Tully. When six killings has already occurred the Vanirim begins a hunt for Tully. But they were unable to find him. As Deb accompany Tully on his run from the Higher Council, his bad twin again arrives and advises him. The investigation and the Tully hunt continues by Stella, Vali and other Vanir officials when Stella and Vali decides to meet Tully’s psychiatrist. There they discover some unbelievable facts about him. Moreover Vali tells Tully about the conflicts between the gods Vanir and Aesir which opens up more doors to the possibilities of the continuous Vanir murders.

MY THOUGHTS : The story was actually the potpourri of most of my favorite genres . I simply loved the plot. The concept was undoubtedly awesome and so cool. Two things came to my mind as I finished reading the book -1. This story is perfect for a movie/tv series/anime and 2. What is going to happen next? How will Tully survive the war between the Gods?

T J SLEE experimented with a new genre and created the most fantastic story. There was suspense from the beginning. The concept of spawn points,portals and teleportation power of Tully was really mind blowing. The author has written this story simply, to the point and surely it was not at all boring. This story is the best example where sci-fi meets mythology. I won’t say much or else I might ruin all the plot twists. Yes, this story has some terrific plot twists as well. In one word the story was absolutely marvelous. I personally recommend this book to any book lover who loves science-fiction.


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