STARS : **1/2

After reading Kindred spirits by Rainbow Rowell, I decided to read Fangirl hoping that it would be great. But this book disappointed me. The story is about a girl named Cather who has a twin sister named Wren. Both Cath and Wren are new to college. Cath writes fan-fiction and is totally obsessed with it. This book has almost two stories going on side by side. One is of Cath and the other is Simon Snow. Simon Snow is another fictional character from a magical world. I found this story a bit monotonous. Cath is too introvert to have a single friend other than her sister. The only interesting thing in her life is Simon and Baz and Levi, her boyfriend. So, her life is pretty boring. The life of college student should be much more interesting even if he/she does not drink or takes drugs. The story just goes like that with Cath,Wren, their father,Levi,Reagan and Cath’s fictional characters. I was hoping something different to happen like some thing that was missing throughout the book. The story was so simple and lucid, if I would have been in Cath’s place I would be fed up with my life. None of their characters except Levi’s sounds good. Cath is boring, Wren is almost disobedient, Reagan is too loud, Nick is dishonest.I don’t know may be it’s because I don’t expect so much monotonousness in a story. The only thing good about this book was it has a positive approach towards life. The story had some funny dialogues  — that’s  the only thing I liked about this book.


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