STARS: *****

Harry Potter is in his 3rd year in Hogwarts now. Serius Black has already fled from Azkaban after being imprisoned for 12 years. Everyone thinks that he is after Harry. So, Harry is given extra safety. The Hogwarts is guarded by the Dementors. Soon Dementors become Harry’s greatest fear. He doesn’t know why. Professor Lupin the new professor of Defence against dark arts unlike the previous professor is much better. He helps Harry to fight his fear of Dementors. But the Grim that Harry often sees haunts him. Serius Black has already made several attempt to break in Harry’s dormitory. Harry came to know about that Serius was the reason his parents died. Serius betrayed his parents and gave them to Bolse moet. Now with this information what will Harry do when he faces Black?

Finally I read this book. In one word this book is love. Among all the eight movies in the series, this one was my favorite and among the first three books I’ve read this one I loved the most. J K Rowling simply amazes me and whenever I start reading a harry potter book I simply transport into a magical land of Hogwarts. I loved the character of Serius and Lupin other than Harry, Ron, Hagrid and Dumbledore who are my all time favorite. I love Ron, his sense of humor is too good. I found Hermionie a bit annoying when she was too arrogant about her cat Croockshanks.  But later the way she punched Malfoy and helped Harry to save Buckbeak and Serius is totally cool. I am looking forward to read the fourth book . I hope that happens soon because it’s hard to wait so long. The character of Snape is always so disgusting. A new character was introduced this time, Lupin. He is a great professor as well as a great human. Plot twist is a major aspect of this book. The way it was shown that Serius was against Harry from the beginning but in the end something else was proved. Serius on the other hand is truly Harry’s god father. He gifted Harry the precious Firebolt when his old Nimbus 2000 got broken in a Quidditch match. There were so many important elements missing in the movie that remains incomplete if one does not read the book. This book will be my all time favorite.




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