STARS : ****

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a review copy of the book. “What lies between us” is a story of a Sri Lankan girl with a damaged and unforgettable childhood. The story at first goes plain with the description of a little girl and her family, how things changed in her life when the smoothness of life got disrupted. But the end of the story was everything, it was totally mind blowing the way the author has ended the story.

The narration of the story goes like this – a woman in her jail cell confesses about her misdeed that has marked her and has made her the most sinful and inappropriate mother. Then the life of a small Sri Lankan girl is described. She grew up in a place where modern culture was considered to be rude. In her home she lived with her mother,father and their servants Samson and Sita and two pet dogs. They used to live near the rivers with a vast garden full of trees and flowers. Life of the little girl was full of fun just like any other girl of her age. But from the day she became a big girl everything began to change. There was someone in her house who tried to molest her, touch her and gave her pain. She thought it was Samson and never talked about it to her mother. But one day everything collapsed. er mother saw her and that night her father died drowning in the river and Samson left the house and never returned. Everything about that event was hushed. Some said her father was  murdered some said it was suicide. Then her mother and she left their house and moved to America to their aunt. Their she grew up became a nurse and finally met Daniel, love of her life, her treasure. But happiness never lasted long. Samson used to haunt her even after so many years. That event has left her mentally unstable for ever. Later she realized a truth. But it was too late, Daniel has already decided to leave her alone and take away her daughter from her because he thought there was something wrong with her. She couldn’t accept this and committed the most cold blooded crime that a mother can hardly dream of….

I won’t reveal the name of this girl. The author did a really great job in mentioning her name in the end withe significance and true meaning of the name. The story of this girl has been depicted in the most beautiful way. It is full with emotions and thrills. The ups and downs of a girl’s life is being narrated so naturally. I felt like I was reading the biography of a girl who never got enough love and care but always craved for it,the writing was so real it hardly felt like fiction. I would definitely given five stars but I am a fan of happy endings so it’s just like that I expected some thing positive to happen to the girl’s life because she already has suffered so much. Instead she accepted her fate, her cruel sin and wanted to be punished. She felt like she deserved this imprisoned life because of what she did fifteen years ago.


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