STARS: *****

About the book: Simon Spier, the male protagonist of this book is a 16 year old boy who discovers that he is gay. He is not confident enough to open up about it at first. He writes email to an unknown boy/his classmate (whom he is obsessed with) from their anonymous mail ids. Simon kept all these things secret unless Martin Addison, a boy from his class came to know about the emails and took the screenshots. Martin starts blackmailing Simon to help him get Abby who is Simon’s best friend. But Simon doesn’t want to do this since Abby was not into Martin. Realizing this Martin disclose Simon’s secret and bring him humiliation…

My thoughts: This is the best book I’ve read this year so far. This is the kind of story that makes you happy and as I read I kept on smiling. The author has depicted Simon’s life in the most realistic way. It felt like I was reading his diary or journal. In one word this book is total awesomeness. From the beginning the author kept me anticipating about the character of Blue who used to write emails to Simon. Even Simon kept guessing about this character Blue. The relationship of Blue and Simon is the best kind of relationship I’ve read in a story book ever. They were so adorable, Simon is so adorable. The relationship of the best friends Simon, Abby, Nick and Leah was like the best friendship. Simon has the coolest sisters and parents. Everything about this book will give you a good vibe. It’s bright, vibrant, emotional and so sweet. It definitely was a fast read but I took a bit long since I was having this hectic week in college. OREO is a very important part or aspect of this book. There are some terrific mouth watering dishes with oreos mentioned here. I actually love oreos so much, it was easier for me to relate. Another things those are important in the story – music, guitar and video games. But the best thing is that the author described this homosexual relationship of this coming age. Every single detailing about a teenager how he feels when he realises this part of him and how it is difficult for him to open up and come out with this to the outer world, whether his parents will accept him, how will his friends react and all the bullying – everything was clearly described in the book. Hat’s off to the author for this great concept and brilliant plot. I bet this story has helped many kids in coming out and opening up about their true selves. This book deserve nothing less than 5 stars.


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