STARS: *****

ABOUT THE BOOK: “Have you ever wondered why you often dream in third-person?…And why you always look slightly different in your dreams than you do in your real life?”                “…The human mind is the most fascinating,and by far the least understood enigma there is. It can move back in time simply by recalling memories. And through imagining, it can bring things to being, even if only as a thought…”

Neve Knightly is a student of University of British Columbia with cognitive neuroscience as her major. Since her childhood these weird dreams/nightmares have haunted her that later turns to reality. So Neve thinks there’s something different happening with her, maybe she is having premonitions. She never opened up about these to any of her close friends until one day her best friend Elliot committed suicide. But that was what Neve was fearing because she had a dream of that incident the last night Elliot took his life. When her ex-boyfriend Dylan after suddenly disappearing three years ago again came back to New York, Neve’s mind was filled with mixed emotions. She told him about her dreams and then Dylan also opened to her about his unnatural dreams.He recommended her a psychologist named Alex Galen. After meeting Professor Galen a new path opened to Neve as she came to know about the Fray Theory.

What if the dreams we dream are nothing but realities from some other dimensions! What if we had multiple us or proxies of us in several universe! And what if these proxies of a single person come across each other’s path by any mean. But this would violate the laws of physics. This is what the Fray theory is all about.

My thoughts: First of all I would like to thank the author for sending me an ARC copy of her book from. And next about the book- This is one of the best science fiction I’ve read till date. The idea of multiverse and the proxies in them is simply mind blowing. The story got me totally gripped from the beginning till the end. All 5 stars goes for the brilliant plot ans idea. I am a great fan of science fiction and when I finally started reading this brilliant book, I felt like I was reading something like human with powers of mutants. The story is jam packed with thrills and action from it’s very first page. And this is another story that can be made to a really cool anime series or movie. Thanks to the author for sending a lavender fragrance sachet and whenever I opened the book I could smell the sweet sent around me. I clearly guessed that this is going to be a series when I was raeding the last chapter of the book. The mystery remains and kept me longing for what happens next to Neve, Dylan and Romer. I don’t know how long I have to hold my curiosity. When the next book will come out? I guess this is the problem of all bookworms once they finish reading a book from a series that is yet to publish.



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