STARS: *****

About the book: “A murder is announced ” features the Miss Jane Marple and it’s like a typical crime and detective novel. The story is set on a small village named chipping Cleghorn. One day all the residents of the village were surprised to see an unusual advertisement on the personal column. It was mentioned that a murder has been arranged at Little Paddock, all the friends are invited there. As usual considering it as a fun or hunt game all the known people gathered there. But suddenly the lights went out when all the invitees were waiting for something to happen. The door suddenly flung open and a glowing torch was focused on everyone’s face and there were gun shots. After three consecutive gun shots nothing could be heard. Soon they lit up the matchsticks and candles and found a masked man lying dead and the owner of the Little Paddock harmed severely in the ear by a missed gun shot. Everyone started to panic. The police came to investigate and as they started their inquiries various possibilities of murders and intentions came into play.

My thoughts: I recommend this book to anyone who has or hasn’t read Miss Marple. The plot is totally dramatic and so are the characters.It has got three murders and a fourth attempt to murder scenario. So anyone who loves crime/thriller will definitely love it. It’s needless to say Agatha Christie books are great plot twists. This one was no exception. The investigation and the inquiries totally muddle up the reader’s mind but finally when the murderer is found, it’s the ultimate treat. I absolutely loved this book. Every time I read her book, I become more of her fan. I must not say much otherwise I might spill the beans. If you love Agatha Christie and haven’t read this book, grab a copy as soon as possible and read it. And for those who haven’t read Christie yet, only one thing I would say- You are missing a lot.



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