STARS: ***

‘My eyes, they rain all the time                                                                                                                       My eyes, they rain all the time                                                                                                                              Till I see him in mine’

This story is about the fearless Maratha Peshwa Shrimant Bajirao also known as Rau. This book depicts his life and his love for the half-muslim dancer Mastani. Rau was the Peshwa of the Pune-Satara region. He was to brim of success and was feared by his enemies, the mighty Mughals. He was dedicated to his work and had a different approach towards society. Even being a Brahmin in those early days of 18th century his mind was free from those orthodox Brahmin concepts. His wife Kashibai was a women of kind heart. She loved Shrimant devotedly. Their first son Nana like his father took responsibility  of the official duties at a very early age. Mean while Rau met this most beautiful singer-dancer Mastani. Even if she was a simple baiji, Rau had kept her and her troops and enjoyed her dance often. Gradually he fell more for her and their passion for love grew stronger day by day. Rau didn’t think for a single day what others would think of his activity.He personally married Mastani and she gave birth to his son Samsher. Soon all these became a great topic of gossip. The Brahmins got agitated. All the royal families felt that their pride were being hampered by Rau’s activities. But on the other hand Rau was arrogant, he was not to be convinced to any conclusion for leaving Mastani even when requested by his own brother Appa.

I truly believe that Rau was a man of strong will and great personality.He was so high with his own pride that he considered his word to be the last. He did not believe in any religious cliched systems of the Hindus. So he could easily accept the baiji as his wife- he never thought twice, which was unusual for a man of that time. According to me the love story was well plotted but the story is a tragedy. Everything was correctly depicted but… there is a big BUT… If the Bajirao was considered to be a man much ahead of his time then why did he even believe in polygamy. When he already had a lovely wife like Kashibai he should have been happy with his life instead he fell for another woman like any other royal men of that age. To me religion is not the factor but polygamy, it absolutely not so cool or anything chivalrous. What kind of a man you are if you hurt your wife and go gaga with some other pretty woman only for her beauty?( well,pretty much wortheless to me) So I didn’t like Rau’s character at all. I found it rather stupid. This would have been okay with me if Rau didn’t have a wife on the first place and married the dancer. That is all I have to say about this book. If anyone loves history or romance or believe in “Love is blind” things they are surely going to love it. There is no such interesting plot twist in this story, it goes plainly from the beginning till the end.


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