STARS: *****

Thanks to the author, Alane Adams, I received the two books of LEGEND OF ORKNEY series from her for my honest review. Here’s my view on the first book. Firstly, the cover looks stunning, so an extra star for that. Now, let’s come to the story.

About the book: This story is about a boy named Sam Baron(Barconian). He is a twelve year old boy who lives a normal/boring life. He goes to Pilot Rock  Junior High school.He lives with his mother Abigail and his father left them two years ago, since then they didn’t hear of him. One day when Sam was busy fighting a boy for bullying his best friend Howie, a woman came calling herself Ms. Endera. She declared that herself as the new english and their old English teacher Mr. Plutz has turned into a lizard showing them a green lizard. Most of the student considered it as a joke but Sam found it uncanny. Later that day when he reached home, he found a dwarf  outside his house. The dwarf introduced him as Rego telling him that Sam is in grave danger. Sam didn’t bother him. Soon he found out that his life was not boring like any other kid of his age anymore. He came to know his mother was a witch and his father was a descendant of God Odin. Sam didn’t belong to Earth. He belonged to a place from the ninth realm named Orkney. There the people were in danger as the sun has turned a poisonous red destroying every life with it’s rage. On the other hand Endera the witch was after him to use him and convincing him taking their side. So, to catch Sam she captured his two friends Howie and Keely. Sam travelled to the land of Orkney leaving his mom at home, with Rego and the umatilla boy Leo,his protector. After reaching Ornkey, Sam realised that the people there in spite of treating him like a hero never trusted him because of the witch blood that flowed in him. He also came to know the sun has became venomous only because of him since his birth broke the curse. Now, Sam is in a dilemma whether to save his friends from the witches or to stop the curse of the red sun. With a little witch Marvey at first and Leo,Keely and finally Rego Sam starts his mission.

My thoughts: First of all this book is a fast read. The author has written such a nice plot, there was not a single exaggeration on a single page. I totally loved that thing. Next, the whole story is written very clearly which helps the reader gets connected to it more easily. Especially this story is appropriate for children as well as readers who love fantasy and adventure. Every single chapter had loads of adventures and actions. It was like the Famous Five meeting the Percy Jackson. The book is full of magical creatures, magical spells and everything is so magical. It got me absolutely gripped from the first page to last page. The character Sam was strong willed,helpful, loyal and the way the author has described his journey through out this book is amazingly stunning. I loved the character of the little witch Marvey, she is so clever and cute. I appreciate the imagination that the author has given into words into such a nice story of a boy whose ordinary life became extraordinary the day he turned twelve. I recommend this book to every bookworm who loves fantasy,adventure,actions and mythology. There’s a lot of things that happened in the first story. I’m pretty much convinced that the second part is going to be more interesting and magical.


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