STARS: ****1/2

I’m so glad that I finished reading this book and writing it’s review on this day, the birthday of the “QUEEN OF CRIME”.  I enjoyed reading this book but I expected the story to end in a different way. Eh bien, that does not depend on my liking, it’s totally up to the author.

About the book: The story starts with the death of a lady named Mrs Ferrars. She died in the most suspicious way since she killed herself. That lady was supposed to have an affair with Mr Roger Ackroyd after her husband’s death(it was also considered based on the situations that she killed her husband). But after her death Mr Ackroyd felt disheartened. He once married a woman who was few years older than him later Ackroyd adopted her son after she died few years later. That boy Captain Ralph Paton was not at all successful lad. One evening when Mr Ackroyd invited Dr Shepperd to dinner he secretly revealed to him about the blackmailer of Mrs Ferrars. Soon that evening a letter was arrived disclosing the identity of the blackmailer. But at last he did not reveal the name of that blackmailer to the doctor. As usual the doctor left with a curious mind. Later that night he received a telephone call saying that Mr Ackroyd was found dead in his room. All the possiblities points to Ralph, so his fiance Flora Ackroyd decides to take help of Hercule Poirot to find out the actual murderer. Now, who can probably murder Ackroyd? the rest is up to the genius Poirot.

My thoughts: This story was definitely impossibly ingenious. One thing I absolutely love about Agatha Christie’s  writing is that she held up all the probable possibilities of the crime and then finally calculate the appropriate but mostly the truth. Any crime is simple if and only if all the facts are revealed and not a single lie is told. Hercule Poirot knows the technique to get the truth out of the people. He easily identifies the one who has not completely revealed anything. This story is one of them where the utterly developed grey cells of Poirot is being tested. The plot is so incredible when the reader finally reaches the end they will surely fell spellbound. But there’s one thing I felt a bit improper about this story, that is- If Ralph is the stepson of Ackroyd, why was he referring him or was being referred as the prior’s uncle in some place in the book. Other wise the story is fantastic. It only proves that Hercule Poirot only works with his grey cells and he knows everything accurately even though it’s hard to believe- He is one and only one of his kind.



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