I’ve read two other books by Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl and Kindred Spirits in the past months. Unfortunately, I didn’t like any of them or didn’t found them extraordinary. While many other readers literally love her books, I find them dragging and boring. So, I have to say her writing is not my favourite type. This type of writing is just not for me as I lose more and more interest as I read them. After seeing that the genre of Carry On was young adult fantasy I was hopeful and started reading this book. The one who have already read Fangirl will know about the two male protagonists of this book, Simon and Baz.
Simon Snow studies in the Watford School of Magicks. He is the chosen one though most of the other magical people consider that he is the worst chosen one that has been ever chosen. The story of Simon is divided into four parts/book in a single book named Carry On. I found the first part dragged and boring. It was really hard for me to concentrate. But gradually as the suspense raised the story became a bit interesting(far better than Fangirl). Simon is an eighteen year old magician/boy. He lost his parents and was taken to this magickal school by the headmaster, the mage. Simon is in his last/eighth year of his school. There is war between the Humdrum and the old families. So, Simon is in danger because the humdrum wants him. On the other hand his roommate/his enemy Baz has not been to school in the new session for eight weeks. Finally one day Baz arrives. Now that Simon and Baz is on a mission to find the killer of baz’s mom and bring an end to the war, will they become successful ?
After reading this book I felt like it was a good attempt at writing a fabtasy novel but not great. Some people say tyat this is a fan fiction of Harry Potter, I don’t know how to agree because Harry Potter is so far better and intriguing. The author has a tendency of bending the path from the original genre, fantasy to romance which I didn’t like at all. As I said before this book was a slow read. I had a tough time reading those boring parts. I think the next time I have to think a lot before reading any book by this author. I think that the writing style misses something very important (may be the tempo or pace). All these thoughts are absolutely my personal ones(so, no offense). I just wrote whatever I felt about the writing.


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