STARS: ***1/2

The author sent me his book for my honest review.
Men and Dreams In the Dhauladhar is a story of few common people from various regions of India belonging to various economic level, religions and classes. The clear description of the daily lives of these people and their past have been nicely described by the author. Other than Nanda, Khusru and Rekha who are the main protagonists of this story, there are a few other important characters. All of them have a distinct past lives/secrets that haunts them somehow. The speciality of this story is that all these people comes close to each other in the construction site of AM hydro project. In beginning of the story, I felt like the detailing of so many past lives of these people a bit dragging. But gradually as the story proceeded it took a different turn. The plot describes the day to day work schedule of the workers of the hydro project and the local people surrounding it. The author has used various Indian vernacular languages, hindi is the most common of them that gives the story a different taste. This is totally a different kind of story from all the novels I’ve read in the past. It includes the regional clashes in Kerala, the intra caste fights of Muslims and the people that get affected by these discrepancies even if they don’t want to. After reading this book it seemed like the author meticulously observed all these people dealing with their lives and running from their pasts to create a new life and fulfill their dreams. This is a story about ordinary men with extraordinary and broken pasts trying to mend and make their lives simple. It is a must read for those who love to read and know about people.


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