STARS: ****1/2

When you have seen the movie previously and then read the book afterwards, it is obvious that the mind tries to compare between the book and movie. In most of the cases the book wins and here the same thing has happened for me. I’ve already seen the movie a good many times. The movie misses many interesting part that are there in the book and it’s pretty obvious.
Harry Potter is in his 4th year at Hogwarts. But before he goes to his school, Ron Weasly’s family invite him at their house for The Quidditch World Cup. After enjoying the final match, at the night there was a chaos at the ground. They all got out from their tents and fled for safety. Suddenly at that time of night the sky brightens up with the dark mark or the mark of Voldemort. The Ministry began to look into the matter. The sign came up after 13 years and that indicated the Dark Lords arrival which was almost impossible.Back in Hogwarts their term started and Dumbledore declared that The Triwizard Tournament was to be held in Hogwarts this time. Two other wizard schools from Europe will meet them, one champion from each schools will be selected by The Goblet Of Fire and the three champions will compete, finally the winner will be prized with thousand galleons. This tournament had a rule where students who are and above 17 years can only take part. But when it was time to declare the champions, Harry Potter’s name came out as the 4th champion. But Harry did not put his name. Now, it was time for Harry to prove himself to the magical world again and fight against the dark lord.
I read this book in 7days. I purposely took time and enjoyed every bit of it. The author wrote the story in an amazingly captivating way. The twist at the end was really good. The friendship of the trio Harry, Ron and Harmionie was to the point. The character of Rita Skeeter was most disgusting one. I felt like killing her myself. Albus Dumbledore once again proved himself as the coolest professor. Sirius came back. His care for Harry was beyond imagination. How he suffered and spent his days so that he can protect the boy. But my favourite was Ron. Since the beginning he was so funny. His level of sarcasm is what I admire. Dobby, my another favourite character was there too, helping Harry. There are few dialogues in this book that I loved –
“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors,not his equals.” – Sirius
“Curiosity is not a sin. But we should exercise caution with our curiosity.” – Dumbledore
I’m looking forward to read the 5th book soon as I’ve already got my copy.


4 thoughts on “26#REVIEW

  1. ahona95 says:

    Im really glad that you enjoys the book.. the graveyard scene still gives me the chills.. and it was so well portrayed which the moview couldn’t deliver at all.. awesome review babe.. 😘

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