STARS: ****

I finished reading this book just now. Today, the movie was released. I don’t know how it would be but I’m glad that I read the book before watching the movie.
The Girl On The Train is Paula Hawkin’s debut thriller novel. As the name suggests the story is based on the girl who is a daily commuter of a train on a particular route of Britain. The story is written in the different views of the three important female characters Rachel, Anna and Megan. Rachel is an unhappy divorced women who drinks a lot and is suffering from loneliness. There’s another problem with Rachel, she cannot remember certain events that have happened with her and she doesn’t know how to feel when she gets to know about them after her hangover passes. The only man she loved Tom, left her for another women Anna. Tom now lives with Anna and their daughter Evie. But Rachel can’t get over Tom, she still wants him. She started drinking because she can’t get pregnant and since then her depression never went away and alcohol became her regular companion. As Rachel takes the train to her office, she watches a lovely couple out from the train window everyday. She imagines them as Jess and Jason. According to her, Jess and Jason are made for each other. Jess is so sweet and Jason is so handsome and tall, they are just a perfect couple, enjoying their married life unlike her. But one day, while travelling by the train, she catches Jess with some other man. They were closely standing kissing each other passionately. Rachel feels anger in her, she couldn’t believe that her Jess could betray Jason like this. Only after few days she came to know that Jess went missing and her real name is Megan. Gradually the truth gets revealed. Police are somehow reluctant but Rachel guess something really is wicked behind all these. Her old house was on the same street as Megan’s where Tom and Anna stays now.
This story is one of the most thrilling adult contemporary fiction of recent years that I’ve read. I was totally glued from the very beginning, the plot was a bit intriguing. But I also felt it dragged in certain places. All together, it was a great read. The author has carefully placed the characters in an awesome way and they crossed each others path as the mystery unfolds. I really loved the character of Rachel. The characters of Tom, Megan and Anna clearly explains why there are so much household conflictions and divorces. They have got total worthless characters. But all credits go to the author who has portrayed them as ruthless and selfish. Once the reader gets into the story they would surely feel hatred towards these 3 characters. Well, at least I felt like that. Anyway, this is a must read for those who love to read crime, thriller and mystery.


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