STARS: *****

“Truth is seldom appreciated. And yet it saves a lot of time and a lot of inaccurate speech”. – Hercule Poirot
It’s really a wonder how easily Christie put the truth and inevitable facts in her stories. I finished reading this book a few minutes ago and I’m kind of feeling dizzy. I know it sounds a bit melodramatic. But every Poirot fan will feel the same because in this story Poirot has died almost in the end.
Curtain: Poirot’s last case is set on Styles where he solved his first case as a retired Belgian Police officer and a rising detective. No doubt that this book is Christie’s another ingenious creativity. The story is told from Captain Hastings point if view. If you have read few cases of Poirot, you’d know that how dear Hastings is to Poirot. As described Poirot invites Hastings to Styles where they first net and solved their first case together and became good companion. But now Poitot is old, feeble and fragile but his grey cell are as active as they were when they were in Styles during the 1st war. The plot described here is really dramatic and so is the end of this book. Poirot told Hastings that there is a murderer staying with them at Styles but he won’t tell who it is and he doesn’t know whose life is at stake. Hastings thought about it, he studied all the characters as meticulously as possible but no hope. Next there was a miss happening, the owner of the Styles mistakenly shot his wife thinking it as a white rabbit between the trees. Everybody thought it as an accident but it was it someone induced Mr. Luttrell to shoot at his wife. After few days Mrs Franklin died, it was later revealed that she has poisoned herself. Well, gradually like this as the story advanced Poirot in the end died leaving Hastings clueless, lonely and totally shattered. Though he left some clue but Hastings was unable to find anything satisfying. After 4 months, he received a script from the late Poirot where Poirot clearly described the murderer and every description if the deaths or attempt to death that has happened lately in Styles.
I’m bound to say that every Christie fan should read this book. Even if you don’t read Christie, you should atleast try this, you’ll surely becomes fan as this story will blow your mind. How a person can actually murder someone without being at the spot of the crime. Only Christie can create such legendary plots. The more I read her, the more I admire her and the more I want to read her writings.


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