STARS: ****

After reading the first book I was eager to read the second one and finally I finished reading Kalifus Rising. This book has a very attractive and stunning cover and it’s texture is sort of velvet like, I loved simply holding the book. Now I come to the story.
The one who have read the first book of Orkney series will know that Sam a boy from Pilot Rock, Oregon came to know about his origin. He was the son of Odin and as well as son of the most powerful he-witch Rubicus. After stopping the red sun from poisoning the ninth realm, Sam worsened the situation by freeing the witches who were caged inside the rocks. Now that the witch sisters are out, they plan to rule Orkney by destroying all other clans. Sam is being captured by Catriona and he is continuously poisoned by the vicious scorpions. On the other hand, Sam’s friends Howie, Keely and Leo are the chosen ones by Odin who were flushed to Orkney from The Chuggies one day. The book is definitely fulll of adventures. Most Percy Jackson fans will love the plot. This series is a complete potpourri of adventure and mythology. As the name suggests the term Kalifus. One must wonder who or what is Kalifus. Well, here’s a spoiler – Sam is Kalifus. Since he had the power of magic within him, Catriona tried to rise the darkness within Sam, she turned him into Kalifus. But Sam was strong enough to fight his darker self. The best thing about this book of the series us that each of the characters of Keely, Howie and Leo have been given individual importance. The trio separately went in their adventures with help from the chief soldier of Orkney. Some other new characters as well as mythical creatures were introduced in this book. The story was equally intriguing like the 1st booo, not a single chapter felt like lagging. I wonder what adventures waits for Sam and his 3 friends in the next book. I’m pretty sure it’ll be equally intriguing. After Famous Five, this is the most adventurous series that I’ve read. Thanks to author for creating such a wonderful land of Orkney with it’s beautiful creatures and loads of thanks for sending me the books for my honest review.


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