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SKYFIRE is the 3rd novel by Aroon Raman and is the sequel of “The Shadow Throne’.
Here’s a short synopsis of the book :-
India is faced with drastic climate changes. There are acid rainfall in various places and along with that snow storms are formed in certain ranges of Himalayas that have never happened before like this. The IB, R&AW and other investigation agencies think that these weather changes might be manipulated by men, to use it as weather weapon on Indian sub continent and it’s neighbouring countries. But who are doing these and how, why ?
In various slum areas of Delhi there are cases of missing children and adults but these are not the usual missing cases. Journalist Chandrasekhar, historian Meenakshi Pirzada and intelligence operative Hassan have opened an evening school for slum dwelling kids. One day, two police constables came to look for a boy named Gopal who was also absent from the school for the last few days. Meenakshi and Chandra didn’t take it casually a blame for theft on Gopal because the policemen couldn’t give any details for the search. So, Meenu and Chandra contacted their friend Hassan for help. As they dug deep into the investigation for Gopal, they came to learn that they are not solving any simple mystery. Their lives might be at stake but they are determined to go to the bottom and reveal the truth.


Book Review:
Now, the question is – are these two events of weather changes and missing people, somehow related?
The book is based on a very scientific and ingenious concept. A French mountaineer in the western ranges of the Karakoram range was struggling to climb up when the rest of the 9 other mountaineers of his team was already dead. After going a few steps, he saw a strange green light and a sudden storm was created. As he looked more closely, he saw a giant robot like creature.
This view didn’t escape the close surveillance of the Indian armies at the border regions. What was the giant machine there, was it creating the storm?
In the slum areas of Delhi, kids were disappearing, Gopal began to investigate the case on his on. He and his pagal bhai together kept close observations and one day Gopal followed a truck that took him to the kala mill. But unfortunately it didn’t escape the careful watches of the notorious men who were behind this.
This was how the story started. How can technology be used to manipulate the weather against a country as weapon has been described in a very detailed way. The way the author has given the clues, it’s really mind blowing. The book totally got me glued from the beginning. The story was definitely a thriller with a touch of science fiction. So, if you love thrillers, action and mystery, you should check this book out.
Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.


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