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STARS: ***

Well, this book was not as good as I expected it to be. First of all, I’ve read most of the books written by Stephenie Meyer except one. I’m not a fan of the Twilight saga but her other book, The host was really good. After writing the series on vampires, werewolves and human love story, then a ya sci fi novel, Stephenie Meyer wrote this crime/thriller. So, the moment I came to know about this book, I decided that I’ll have to read it. Secondly, I’ve read many crime/thriller novels both good, moderate and not so good, and this book falls under that moderate section. Now, I let’s give a brief synopsis of this book.
The story starts with a scenario where a women is fleeing from some people who are trying to catch her for some reason. She used to work as a chemical scientist under U.S government. She is moving as far as possible from this men who happen to be her co workers. She takes disguises, changes names, checks into hotels/motels to leave wrong track. So, when she checked her email from a library, she found that another of her co worker, Catson who knew her closely has sent her an email asking her to meet at a place. She thinks that this might be a trap to catch her. Her senior Dr. Barnaby was also killed by them and she was their next target. But she thought to give it a chance and met this person. There she came to know that her last task before she could leave her job was to kidnap a man who works under an illegal drug dealing company. That company is planning a mishap where many children, women and men will be killed.
As planned, she kidnaps this person named Daniel. But unfortunately, he doesn’t reveal anything about his illegal business. She guesses that this man may have multiple character disorder. But as she keeps on questioning him under drag another person attacks them suddenly out of nowhere. As, the attacker removes his mask, it was revealed that he was the twin brother of Daniel who was happened to be dead a few years back. Now, in the middle if all these, she has to solve this mystery…
This story had suspense, thrill action and all other elements a thriller novel should have except that it was not exactly a page turner. The story somewhere lacked the charm or spirit that makes a crime/thriller plot m8ee intriguing. I felt like the plot was dragged here and there often. I was afraid that I might get into a reading slump after reading this. Maybe it’s because of the story ir maybe for other reason. But the main point is this story was not up to the mark. The author has tried writing something totally different from ya paranormal or sci fi but it was not something that extraordinary. I’ve read crime/thriller novels that are much better than this book and less dragged than it’s plot.



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STARS: ****

Colorful Notions: The Road trippers 1.0 is a story based on 3 friends doing a road trip of some eminent places of India and making a movie of it. Abhay decides to do a trip on his car to 25 selected places of India along with his best friend Sashank. Unnati, Sashank ‘s girlfriend is also travelling with them to add voice of the description in their video.
This book is really unique in its way. First of sll, it’s a travelogue, a long one which covers almost all the important places in India. Secondly, it’s a journey of 3 friends where they’ll have adventures and will face several problems that arises from a long trip and also shooting a film. Abhay is one of the male protagonists of this book is a rich boy who lives alone because of his separated parents. Sashank is a food lover and all he thinks about is food and eating more food. They have different experiences throughout their journey starting from Corbett National Park to Jama Masjid. This book seemed very realistic to me. India is a place which is rich in culture and natural beauty. The author has carefully chosen the places that more or less covers the raw beauty of this nation. It was described in a really lucid way, how amateur travellers experience in their first long trips. This book was not only about travelling. It dealt with problems that we face in our lives like emotional, relationship and family matters. Abhay is a person with a typical character who had a dilemma in his mind regarding most of the things he faces like his relationship with his parents, his sudden love for Unnati. Most of all, this book gives you good vibes and a feel of adventure. I personally want to go on such trips like that was described in this story. I liked the way how the author has plotted each character’s emotion throughout the journey. This is a story with a happy ending, about friendship and gives us, the readers a message to live our life to the fullest.

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STARS: ***1/2

I’m thankful to the author for sending me her book for the second time. I’ve read “The Vanirim” a few months back and really loved the plot. It was a sci-fi meets mythology story. But this book, “Queen if America” is different. It’s genre is purely based on mythology and history.
The story starts with a battle scene between a young Viking rebel woman that happened about 500 years ago. Many years later, the Viking girl Freya is set for a mission to find the Vinland. I really liked the character of the female protagonist. The way the author has described her character as a strong, fearless and rebellious, it was very impressive. The story is not fast paced like “The Vanirim” but this book is a must read for mythology lovers. It says a great deal about Viking history and Greek mythology.


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STARS: *****

Well, I have read so many Christie books in the last few months that whenever I start reading her books, I automatically assume that it’s going to be fantastic, awesome, brilliant and intriguing. And, after reading the book when it meets my expectation, I feel so satisfied. I mean, of course, her books never ever have disappointed me. So, “Crooked House” was also one of them.

The story is described from Charles Hayward’s point of view. Charles and Sofia were in love with each other when they were working during the war in Egypt. Sophia came back to her country and Charles promised her that he would meet her after few years and he would ask her to marry him. Years passed, Charles came back to London and found that Sofia;s grandfather Aristide Leonides was dead on the Death column of a paper. He sent her telegram and they met. Sofia told Charles that she was scared about his grandfather’s death because he was murdered. His eye drop was injected to him as his insulin dosage. Charles father was also in the police force. When Charles told him about this, he soon recognised the case and bestowed upon Charles the duty of investigation with Chief Inspector Traverner. Soon they discovered that the matter was much complexed than it seemed. The family though was big but there was something crooked about them. As usual, the young wife of the dead man was considered to be the murdered according to the other family members. Even young Mrs Leonides and the home tutor were arrested. But even after that another murder occurred and it was thus obvious that th murderer was still out open roaming in the house. So, the rest of the family members Phillip, Magda, Roger, Eustace, Clemency, Edith and even Sophia weren’t out of suspicion.  But little Josephine acted like she knew it all.

Well, I liked how excellently Christie has portrait-ed the characters. My favourite is Josephine. She was wonderfully wicked. She was just a girl of eleven years of age and how brilliantly she acted. I must not say much otherwise I might give spoilers. And all we mystery lovers do not like spoilers. It totally ruins the interest and energy to read the book.




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Stars: ***1/2

As the title suggests this book is a collection of 13 different events which will be easily solved by Miss Marple as they discuss about unsolved mysteries on a Tuesday evening.
A small gathering of Raymond, Joyce, Jane and some other local people have gathered at Miss Marple’s house in St. Mary Meads. They are discussing about unsolved cases, mysteries and strange events. So, they start a game in which each of the member will discuss one case and the rest have to solve it. Quite naturally with her excellent talent for observing human nature, Miss Marple succeeds in more or less all these 13 cases.
The stories are short and captivating. Christie is so versatile in writing crime stories, no one can excel her in that. But this was not my favourite book as I’ve read much better stories of Miss Marple. This book was one of a kind. It is a fast read and I took only two and a half day to complete it. If you’re planning to read something short but intriguing in crime/detective then you can grab a copy of this book and read.


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STARS: ****

“Because sane plans never work,girl”…. ” Only the mad ones do.”
Finally, I’ve finished reading this book. I took ages to complete it with a busy schedule for the past weeks.
First of all I love the cover of this book a lot. Especially the spine, it’s so pretty. Now to the story. Whoever has read the 1st book of this series will know about the situation how it ended.
Elias and Laia have freed from the Blackcliff on the day of Elias’ execution. They are being followed by masks, soldiers, black guards and the Commandant herself. Laia is on her mission to save his brother from the Kauf prison and Elias is her guide. As they escape, they encounter the Commandant on their way and she poisoned Elias instead of killing him straight away. After that Elias faces several frequent seizures that forces them to change their courses on their journey to Kauf. One day while travelling, Elias and Laia came across Keenan and Izzi. The 4 finally comes to Nur only to find out that the whole place was raining with posters saying that they are wanted and Elias is the Empire’s top fugitive. Carefully Elias passed the Mask searches to meet his friend Afya from Tribe Nur to seek help on their mission to liberate Darin, Laia’s brother.

No doubt the story is too thrilling and intriguing. Their journey to Kauf was full of adventures and actions. While reading the last few chapters I had to hold my breath because Laia was totally a superhero. Her bravery and all the qualities that the author has given her is absolutely amazing. Another stunning character of this book is Helene. Unlike the 1st book, this book was told from the view of 3 prople- Elias, Laia and Helene. Helene’s character is full of versatility. The dilemma that she went through and the sacrifices that she had to make, made her character unique. And here I come to Marcus and the Commandant, they are the most notorious of all. The Commandant tried to double cross Marcus in order to become the Emperor.
Finally here are two spoilers. So, if you’ve read the book- it’s okay but if you haven’t, you can ignore this part. I should straightaway say it. Keenan is the Nightbringer. Yes, all of us had such good thoughts about Keenan when we finished reading the 1st book but alas, he works with the Commandant. The other one is not that freakish type. Elias’ father is also the father of another mask named Harper who accompanied Helene on her mission to search Elias.
Well, here’s a truth. I can’t wait for the 3rd book. I’ve seen that it’ll release in 2018? 😨
I don’t know how I’m going to suffice my curiosity. After all, the way the 2nd book ended it left me craving to know more about the new adventures of Darin, Elias and Laia, the struggle of Helene and the Nightbringer.