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STARS: ****

“Because sane plans never work,girl”…. ” Only the mad ones do.”
Finally, I’ve finished reading this book. I took ages to complete it with a busy schedule for the past weeks.
First of all I love the cover of this book a lot. Especially the spine, it’s so pretty. Now to the story. Whoever has read the 1st book of this series will know about the situation how it ended.
Elias and Laia have freed from the Blackcliff on the day of Elias’ execution. They are being followed by masks, soldiers, black guards and the Commandant herself. Laia is on her mission to save his brother from the Kauf prison and Elias is her guide. As they escape, they encounter the Commandant on their way and she poisoned Elias instead of killing him straight away. After that Elias faces several frequent seizures that forces them to change their courses on their journey to Kauf. One day while travelling, Elias and Laia came across Keenan and Izzi. The 4 finally comes to Nur only to find out that the whole place was raining with posters saying that they are wanted and Elias is the Empire’s top fugitive. Carefully Elias passed the Mask searches to meet his friend Afya from Tribe Nur to seek help on their mission to liberate Darin, Laia’s brother.

No doubt the story is too thrilling and intriguing. Their journey to Kauf was full of adventures and actions. While reading the last few chapters I had to hold my breath because Laia was totally a superhero. Her bravery and all the qualities that the author has given her is absolutely amazing. Another stunning character of this book is Helene. Unlike the 1st book, this book was told from the view of 3 prople- Elias, Laia and Helene. Helene’s character is full of versatility. The dilemma that she went through and the sacrifices that she had to make, made her character unique. And here I come to Marcus and the Commandant, they are the most notorious of all. The Commandant tried to double cross Marcus in order to become the Emperor.
Finally here are two spoilers. So, if you’ve read the book- it’s okay but if you haven’t, you can ignore this part. I should straightaway say it. Keenan is the Nightbringer. Yes, all of us had such good thoughts about Keenan when we finished reading the 1st book but alas, he works with the Commandant. The other one is not that freakish type. Elias’ father is also the father of another mask named Harper who accompanied Helene on her mission to search Elias.
Well, here’s a truth. I can’t wait for the 3rd book. I’ve seen that it’ll release in 2018? 😨
I don’t know how I’m going to suffice my curiosity. After all, the way the 2nd book ended it left me craving to know more about the new adventures of Darin, Elias and Laia, the struggle of Helene and the Nightbringer.


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