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Stars: ***1/2

As the title suggests this book is a collection of 13 different events which will be easily solved by Miss Marple as they discuss about unsolved mysteries on a Tuesday evening.
A small gathering of Raymond, Joyce, Jane and some other local people have gathered at Miss Marple’s house in St. Mary Meads. They are discussing about unsolved cases, mysteries and strange events. So, they start a game in which each of the member will discuss one case and the rest have to solve it. Quite naturally with her excellent talent for observing human nature, Miss Marple succeeds in more or less all these 13 cases.
The stories are short and captivating. Christie is so versatile in writing crime stories, no one can excel her in that. But this was not my favourite book as I’ve read much better stories of Miss Marple. This book was one of a kind. It is a fast read and I took only two and a half day to complete it. If you’re planning to read something short but intriguing in crime/detective then you can grab a copy of this book and read.


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