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STARS: *****

Well, I have read so many Christie books in the last few months that whenever I start reading her books, I automatically assume that it’s going to be fantastic, awesome, brilliant and intriguing. And, after reading the book when it meets my expectation, I feel so satisfied. I mean, of course, her books never ever have disappointed me. So, “Crooked House” was also one of them.

The story is described from Charles Hayward’s point of view. Charles and Sofia were in love with each other when they were working during the war in Egypt. Sophia came back to her country and Charles promised her that he would meet her after few years and he would ask her to marry him. Years passed, Charles came back to London and found that Sofia;s grandfather Aristide Leonides was dead on the Death column of a paper. He sent her telegram and they met. Sofia told Charles that she was scared about his grandfather’s death because he was murdered. His eye drop was injected to him as his insulin dosage. Charles father was also in the police force. When Charles told him about this, he soon recognised the case and bestowed upon Charles the duty of investigation with Chief Inspector Traverner. Soon they discovered that the matter was much complexed than it seemed. The family though was big but there was something crooked about them. As usual, the young wife of the dead man was considered to be the murdered according to the other family members. Even young Mrs Leonides and the home tutor were arrested. But even after that another murder occurred and it was thus obvious that th murderer was still out open roaming in the house. So, the rest of the family members Phillip, Magda, Roger, Eustace, Clemency, Edith and even Sophia weren’t out of suspicion.  But little Josephine acted like she knew it all.

Well, I liked how excellently Christie has portrait-ed the characters. My favourite is Josephine. She was wonderfully wicked. She was just a girl of eleven years of age and how brilliantly she acted. I must not say much otherwise I might give spoilers. And all we mystery lovers do not like spoilers. It totally ruins the interest and energy to read the book.


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