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STARS: ***

Well, this book was not as good as I expected it to be. First of all, I’ve read most of the books written by Stephenie Meyer except one. I’m not a fan of the Twilight saga but her other book, The host was really good. After writing the series on vampires, werewolves and human love story, then a ya sci fi novel, Stephenie Meyer wrote this crime/thriller. So, the moment I came to know about this book, I decided that I’ll have to read it. Secondly, I’ve read many crime/thriller novels both good, moderate and not so good, and this book falls under that moderate section. Now, I let’s give a brief synopsis of this book.
The story starts with a scenario where a women is fleeing from some people who are trying to catch her for some reason. She used to work as a chemical scientist under U.S government. She is moving as far as possible from this men who happen to be her co workers. She takes disguises, changes names, checks into hotels/motels to leave wrong track. So, when she checked her email from a library, she found that another of her co worker, Catson who knew her closely has sent her an email asking her to meet at a place. She thinks that this might be a trap to catch her. Her senior Dr. Barnaby was also killed by them and she was their next target. But she thought to give it a chance and met this person. There she came to know that her last task before she could leave her job was to kidnap a man who works under an illegal drug dealing company. That company is planning a mishap where many children, women and men will be killed.
As planned, she kidnaps this person named Daniel. But unfortunately, he doesn’t reveal anything about his illegal business. She guesses that this man may have multiple character disorder. But as she keeps on questioning him under drag another person attacks them suddenly out of nowhere. As, the attacker removes his mask, it was revealed that he was the twin brother of Daniel who was happened to be dead a few years back. Now, in the middle if all these, she has to solve this mystery…
This story had suspense, thrill action and all other elements a thriller novel should have except that it was not exactly a page turner. The story somewhere lacked the charm or spirit that makes a crime/thriller plot m8ee intriguing. I felt like the plot was dragged here and there often. I was afraid that I might get into a reading slump after reading this. Maybe it’s because of the story ir maybe for other reason. But the main point is this story was not up to the mark. The author has tried writing something totally different from ya paranormal or sci fi but it was not something that extraordinary. I’ve read crime/thriller novels that are much better than this book and less dragged than it’s plot.


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