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STARS: ****1/2

I took so many days to finish this book only because I was having my exams.
To start with, first I would like to say how much I love the cover of this new edition and it’s colour.
Harry was spending his summer in his Uncle Dursley’s house at No.4 Private Drive. He was having the most boring summer ever. Nobody from his school care to call him or write to him. He could not visit his friend Ron’s place. Only one evening something strange started to happen. When Harry went to take a walk in the neighbourhood street, he met his cousin with his gang. While returning home, two dementors attacked them and tried to kill both of them. Harry saved them with the Patronus Charms. Since it was illegal to use magic outside Hogwarts upto certain age, Harry got expelled from his school and a call from the court came telling that a charge has been made against him. The day after few wizards visited Harry at his home when his Uncle,aunt,cousin were away. The group included Lupin,Tonks, Mad Eye Moody and some other wizards and witches whom Harry had never met before. They took Jarry to a safe place in London where he net Ron and his family, Harmionie, his god father Sirius. These things surprised him too much. He wanted explanations when he came to know that this safe house was called “The Order of the Phoenix” which was formed to fight against the Dark Lord. After Harry got free from his charges, all they went to school. This was their fifth year, so Harry, Ron and Harmionie had their O.W.L s to give. The pressure of huge syllabus of all the subjects were taking tolls on them. To their surprise Ron made it to the Quidditch team and became the Keeper. But out of all these great happenings, the most unfortunate thing happened. They got their new Defence against Dark Arts teacher, Professor Umbridge.
Umbridge was recruited by the Ministry of Magic and she became the High Inquisitor. So, things started changing in Hogwarts. Harry got detention after detentions. He was debarred from.playing Quidditch along with the Weasly twins. Many unfortunate things started happening at Hogwarts. Hagrid cane back from his long trip all injured and strange but no one knows why. Harry started having strange dreams and his scar hurts like never before. Dark time is back in Hogwarts. Harry formed a secret student group named Dumbledore’s Army to teach some of the fellow students a detailed form of Defence against Dark Arts because the Ministry changed their the syllabus of that subject. Now, it’s again time that Harry and his friends should do something to bring back Hogwarts to its own glory and previous Voldwmort to create anymore disasters.
This story is huge and detailed. The movie has missed out so many important parts which is obvious. But this is the thickest book in the series and reading it was totally worth the time. Umbridge that character is terrible. I think she’s worse than Voldemort. But I liked how Professor McGonagall treated her while Umbridge was inquiring every class. The way Fred and George fooled was really brilliant and so was their exit from Hogwarts. They successfully opened their joke shop. But there’s a really sad incident that happened at the end. The death of Sirius was something that I didn’t expect(in the movie as well) because Harry got his godfather for 2 years and lost him also. The new character that was introduced was Luna Lovegood. Well, she’s my most favourite female character of this series. Another annoying character other than Umbridge was Cho. She was a total nuisances and acted like an immature kid which was unexpected from a Ravenclaw Quidditch player. I dislike that character so much. So, altogether this book gave a detailed about the past and present of Hogwarts and the Dark Lord and I enjoyed this trip to the magical realm whole-heartedly.


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