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STARS: ****1/2

I finished reading this book in 2 days. I automatically get attached to the book that has got such a brilliant cover. Next to that the format in which this story is written or rather printed is unique. Some pages are black some are white. It has been described from different ways and through various point of views, e.g: Audio messages, e-mails, chat boxes, the mind of AI, servaillance footage and many others. Since this book was a sci fi, action story, it didn’t take much time for me to get into the it. The two main protagonists of this book are Kady Grant and Ezra Mason. The year is 2575 and the planet is Kerenza. So, the story is set far ahead in future. Kady decides to break up with his boyfriend Mason on the day when BeiTech attacks on their planet. But somehow they are saved from the attack wave. The army rescued them and took them to the spaceships. Now, the rest of the story is set on the three spaceships Alexander, Copernicus, Hypatia and the AI, AIDAN controlling them. Ezra is on Alexander and Kady is on Hypatia. Ezra became the 2nd lieutenant(cyclone pilot) and Kady remained their as a civilian but she was a genius in hacking. Suddenly a virus spread out in Copernicus that almost killed all it’s people and due to the AI connection, probability was that the virus namef Phobos will spread into the other two spaceships. Situations became so crucial that Alexander soon was getting contaminated with that virus. Now it’s up to Kady to save the rest by manipulating the AI and other programs.

From the beginning, the story was highly captivating and intriguing. I’ve never in my life read a story like Illuminae. The love between Kady and Ezra is shown in a very beautiful way. The AI AIDAN is more than just a programmed machine. At some points it felt like that it has also got feelings. In the end Aidan manipulated Kady to save the rest of the fleet. Some decisions that it took made it more like human than just an AI. An unbelievable scenario that happened in the end proved that Kady was not just a 18 years old girl,she was brave, intelligent, hacker-genius and has the capability to take right choices at any moment. I absolutely loved this book and I’m eager to read the 2nd book.


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