STARS: *****

Another perfect read for Christmas Holiday.
The story is set in a part of Britain. Mr Simeon Lee was an old rich well-known person. He made a lot of money during his business days in South Africa where he worked with his other partner. Mr Lee decides to re unite his family members for Christmas, so sends letter to all of his dear ones. His son Alfred Lee and daughter in law Lydia Lee lives with him. Rest of his sons Harry Lee, George Lee and his wife, David Lee and his wife and Mr Lee’s grand daughter Pilar. Surprisingly, Simeon’s old partner’s son came to that house without any prior information. On the day of Christmas Eve after the supper when all the guests were busy in their own work, suddenly a chaotic noise of upturning furniture’s and a deadly cry was heard. Those noise came from Simeon’s room. Every member rushed to his room but the door was closed from inside, so they had to break it. Mr Lee was found lying dead in pool of blood with his thriat slitted from war to ear and all the heavy furnitures were thrown in an haphazard fashion. Seeing this ghastly scene, they called the Police officer and luckily Hercule Poirot was there at that time. It was found that Mr Lee’s uncut ten thousand pound worth diamonds were missing. Now, who killed this man and who took the diamond and why? What’s the motive?
Well, there could be different motives for all the members since the relation of Mr Lee with his sons were not good.
I’m saying again that Christie never fails to astonish me. Similarly, this time I was tremendously surprised when I came to know about the murderer. It’s simple yet ingenious. Once when the mystery was solved the puzzle pieces fall into perfect positions and gave the clear picture.


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