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STARS: ***1/2

I’ve never read any Jeffrey Archer novel before. Thanks to the publisher PanMacmillanIndia in return for an honest review. Now, as I said I haven’t read any of the previous books of Clifton Chronicles, it was hard for me to relate or get into the book. Those who have read books from this series will know that their genre is mainly family and political fiction.
“This was a man” is the final book in the series. The story is based on the happenings of two families The Clifton’s and The Barrington’s.
Harry Clifton’s wife Emma Clifton is elected in the Conservatives’ defeating her brother Giles Barrington. Both of them belonged to two different parties. The plot circulates around Emma, Harry, Giles, Giles’s wife Karin, Harry and Emma’s son Sebastian, Sebastian’s wife Samantha and their daughter Jessica. Both these families are two eminent families of Britain. They are posh, rich and belong to the higher rank of the society.
As I don’t know any past incidents of those lives, I had to read this book as a stand alone. No doubt this book was fast paced inspite of being a political fiction. But unfortunately that’s not my favourite kind of genre. I don’t like anything related to politics so I tried to understand the story not from the political point of view but from the family background. Jeffrey Archer is a very talented story teller. Previously, I’ve read his shirt stories and all I can say is that his way of getting into readers’ mind is very neat. His method of story telling is very lucid yet compact. But at some points I felt like the story was being dragged may be it’s because the plot does not fall under my favourite genres or may be that’s how the story is. I wish I had read the previous six books in the series, that would have been a lot more easier for me to get into the story.


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