STARS: ****

“Evil is not something superhuman, it’s something less human.”
Well, till date, I’ve read great number of books by Christie but none like this one. This is a story that is full of evil, dark and supernatural ambience. Mark is the protagonist of this story. A Mrs Davis called for a church priest on her death bed. She sharef her last words with him after which she died. That priest while returning from that woman was found dead. A list of names was found which was with the priest. Mark came to know about this incident. In a place called Much Deeping, Mark went to his cousin, Rhoda’s house where the famous author Mrs Oliver was about to do some signing for her books. There they came to know about the place called “The Pale Horse”. It was an inn many years ago but now three weird watch sisters stayed there. Bella, Sybil and Thyrza claimed to have some superhuman powers with which they could do certain unnatural tasks. They often did foretelling and astrological business. That place “Pake Horse” had something sinister in it, that’s what Mark thought. And these deaths in the lists found were somehow linked to this place. Now is it possible that those three wicked, creepy women were possible to do death wish and kill people as a business? Mark is about to discover that.
The story at the beginning is kind of went slowly, that’s what I personally felt. It’s something that I don’t expect from any Christie book. But after page 191 to be exact, things began to get super exciting. There twist after twists in the end. The main culprit after this death wish business was the most unexpected person and the way the gang killed those people was most simple. No paranormal, supernatural or scientific stuffs were used but the technique of killing was incredible. Only Christie can pull out a story like that.


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