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STARS: ****

This is the kind of book which will take time to get into the plot. I consider myself as a moderately fast reader but never I took 1 month to finish a story book. It was really hard at first to focus on the story, what’s happening ,why it’s happening and what will happen?  I started reading this book 15th Dec,2016 and finished it on 15th Jan,2017. But yes, it’s worth it if you stick to it and take time to complete the book.  I love many quotes from this book and I’m writing some of them here because I can’t help.

“Beauty you’re born with, but brains you earn.”

“Too many books. Too few centuries.”

“If you can’t hurt the ones who hurt you, sometimes hurting anyone will do. All”

“The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.”

Another absolutely stunning thing about this book is it’s cover. I was lucky enough to get a hardcover of this book which my mother gifted me. I had to make a bookmark for this book.

To begin with this book tells the story of a girl, Mia Corvere who lost his father at an young age. Her father was executed for being a traitor to the so called ruler. Her brother was killed and her mother was imprisoned. So, she had to find her way of living life and the only one thing she knew that she will avenge her father’s killer, the one who have done injustice to her family. So she became the invincible(I thought that’s the suits her the best). This story is dark and evil. It tells the story of how Mia becomes an acolyte and kill the ones who has done wrong to his father.It’s filled with thrill and suspense. The story is set in a fantasy land called Iterya which has three suns- one red, one blue and the other yellow.So, that place has never experienced night(the most unique part of the story).

The author’s way of writing is not at all simple and lucid. Once you hold your focus and read up to Chapter 21, I think you’ll get easily into the rest of the story. I personally think that after that chapter the story becomes a lot more interesting. Moreover, this is not a story to be read in one read or swiftly. You might feel like giving up on reading it. But the story gains its pace from the mid way.when Mia have to complete tasks to prove herself as a true acolyte.

Now that I finished the book, I found that it’s going to be a series. This was the first book to a trilogy. Many questions have remained unanswered even at the end if this book. New suspenses have raised when I read the Epilogue but I’m sure all those will be clarified in the rest two books. All I can say this is going to be a new kind of fantasy series rather a dark one.


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