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STARS: ***1/2

I picked up this book after reading so many good reviews and since it own a goodreads award. Finally I finished reading it and it made me sad. Not “crying” kind of sad but “unfortunately hopeless” kind of sad. I’m not much of a fan of tragic stories or endings. That’s the reason why 2 and a half stars are missing.
This is a story of a bit named Theodore Finch and a girl Violet Markey. Finch falls in love with Violet the moment he saw her on the bell tower of their school and I think he was crazily in love with her. Sounds like a romantic love story of two high school kids, right? Not at all, this story mainly concentrates on mental illness. At first, I really started liking the craziness of Finch but after midway it went a bit boring. Instead of curing Finch’s mental illness the author represented him as reckless as possible. He had a troubled family where his father left them. On the other hand, Violet could not get over her sister Eleanor’s death. Finch saved her from killing herself or from jumping her from the bell tower and made her believe in living life.
When I started reading the book, I felt like it’s going to be a feel good and funny story but alas it turned out to be a tragedy. I think the story didn’t end in a hopeful way. That’s what disappointed me more than the disappearance and death of Finch.


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