STARS: ***

Thanks to Panmacmillan India for sending me a review copy of this book. This is the story of two sisters Nadia and Layla who happens to get involve in a mystery from the past. Layla, the younger sister is an archeologist and Nadia, the elder one is an author. Their motherland was Pakistan. So, when Layla got a call for a excavation tour at Mohenjo-Daro she could not reject the offer. But her sister Nadia didn’t want her to go there. Layla was having a new experience while digging through various spots and discovering fossils and artifacts used by the people of Mohenjo-Daro. One day their team discovered something strange, a huge box with ancient designs on it. Her professor asked Layla to keep the box safely but Layla could not control her curiosity. Moreover she felt strangely attached to the box as if it gave het some sort of power. On the other side, Nadia was suffering from some psychological problem. She used have this dream of a girl named Jaya who she didn’t know. She used to note down her dreams and was planning to make it into her next novel. But one day she saw on the news that those archeologists with whom her sister was working went missing not known whether dead. The others were suspecting that Layla was responsible for this dangerous event. Now, it’s all up to Nadia to find her sister and price her innocent.
There are two stories going on side by side in this book. One is the story of the ancient people of Mohenjo-Daro , Jaya and other is that of present day life of Nadia and Layla. The narrative style of the author is no doubt beautiful. The way she has binder history with mystery is really rare. I’ve never read any historical fiction before. But this book is a must for history lovers. The description of the life style of those ancient clans and their rituals were so detailed. I’m not a fan of historical stories but I did the love the thriller part. Thus story is a perfect potpourri of two very different genres. The author has nicely bonded the events of 3800 BC with the modern days of 2016 AD. The way she has depicted the character of Nadia as a brave woman who believes in herself is something notable. I would have given it 4 stara but sometimes I felt the plot went a bit dragged. Maybe it’s because of the historical part or may be the author’s writing was meticulously descriptive. But I enjoyed reading this story of mixed genre.
One other important feature of this book is it’s cover. It’s really captivating, especially the letters written in golden, a pure beauty.


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