STARS: ****

If anyone wants to know about the story in one sentence there’s only one thing to say – “This is a love story of a human girl and a faerie Lord where the human girl will face death to save her love.”

First of all I’ve read mixed reviews about this book. Many have also said that the last part is only interesting. But I personally loved the whole story from the very first page till the end. It is definitely a fairy tale, written with more complex perspective. The story is about a girl named Feyre. She lives with her father and two other elder sisters. They were once wealthy merchant but lost all their wealths in an unfortunate case. So, now Feyre has taken the responsibility of her family. She has become a huntress to feed her family. One day while hunting, she somehow hunted a wolf that seemed to be a faerie. After while, Feyre was captured by another faerie and taken into their land known as the Spring Court. After that, the main adventure starts.

The high lord of the spring court who captured Feyre, was Tamlin. They gradually fall in love with each other without their own realisation. Feyre eventually discovered the secrets of the faeries and their lands. She also came to know abot the different courts and the evil”She”, Amarantha. But she never in her life thought, that she will have to fight against this faerie queen to save Tamlin. There are two other important male characters, one is Lucien and other is Rhysand. Lucien was from autumn court but after he left his family, Tamlin took him. Rhysand was the high lord of the night court. My favourite is Lucien because I like the character no matter what. I think he is very helpful and kind even though he never shows that at first but he helps Feyre till the end. Rhysand on the other hand is a very grey character. First he seemed good, then again bad and then again good. So, I have a m8xed feeling about him. Other interesting character is Nesta, Feyre’s one sister. When Tamlin glamoured Feyre’s families mind, he was unable to do that Nesta but that mystery was not revealed in this book. I hope the second book gives nore about that. And I’m also eager to read the next book. The cover of the last book in the series has already been revealed and I love all the three covers of the three books. This was my first Sarah J. Maas read, hoping to read her other series too.


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