STARS: ****

First of all I want to thank the author for sending me a review copy of his debut novel. As the back cover suggests that fans of The Hangover and Zindagi namilegi dobara will like it. I myself have seen the first movie but this story is not totally like that. Rather this story has more depth and defines friendship in a different way.
This book tells the event of Ayaan’s life where he suddenly meets his two old best friends. Then starts there purely European adventure. Ayaan has reached Spain where he meets Siden and Kwan who were his college life best buddies. Kwan is in search for his girlfriend who was once a prostitute. These three friends will experience life in a new way in search of Kwan’s girl.
About the book, firstly, I would say that I have never read any story like this before. It was a really fun read. The friendship described between these three once upon a time best friends was truly unique and deep. From the very first page, there was fun in every page. The writing was modern and easy to read rather a fast-paced read. Stories like this really helps one lighten their mood. If you’re a fan of friendship and fun-light readings, you should definitely read this book. The author has depicted a great and rare bond of friendship in his debut novel and a happy ending with positive vibe made it more intriguing.


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