STARS: ****

There are probably 3 ways with which I can rate any Agatha Christie books and they are –1. good, 2. too good, 3. so good that it changed my life/thoughts.
This book falls under the second catagory. Hercule Poirot no doubt picked up the culprit from the group of 5 people related to the victim with such an ease. This book is divided into 3 parts. First part is where young Carla comes to Poirot to solve a case about her parents. Sixteen years ago her mother, Caroline Crale was convicted of the murder of her husband Amyas Crale. Mr. Crale was a renowned painter and devotedly loved his wife inspite of all the little quarrels. One afternoon, Anya’s was found dead in the battery garden of his house at Alderbury in Devonshire. Since at that time he had an affair with the girl Elsa Greer who he was painting at that moment. Naturally the suspicion was on Mrs. Crale because it was obvious that she would be jealous of her husband’s new relation and try to eliminate that. But before she died, Caroline gave her daughter a letter where she stated that she dud not kill her husband. Carla was determined to find the truth and the one for whom her parents had to suffer. Then Poirot accepts her request and starts enquiring all the five probable suspects who were present there on that day with the purpose of killing Mr. Crale. They were Crale’s best friend Mr. Philip Blake, Meredith Blake, Elsa Greer, the governess Mrs Cecilia Williams and Caroline’s half sister Angela Warren.
The second part has the narrative of all the suspects of that tragic event where Mr. Crale was murdered and all other events related to it. The third part is where Poirot show his talent of grey cells.
My view about this book is that– at the beginning I thought it might be boring but eventually things started to become better and more interesting. I despised the character Elsa from the very beginning and I was glad to know in the end what I had guessed. I won’t say much otherwise I might spill the beans. But this book has very fine elements and a lot of plot twists.To be honest I hate women like Elsa Greer so much, I think they are the reason for many of the marital conflicts and divorces nowadays. The one who tries to mingle into a peaceful family by wrecking up a married man’s brain, are nothing but worthless. And if I did get a chance to ask a question to Madam Christie I would ask her how she did all these, writing all these mind blowing plots.


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