STARS: ***1/2

First of all I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a review copy of the book. This was my first Danielle Steel read, so I had no idea about her writing style or genre style. I started this book expecting a lot since I heard so many good things about the author.
Here’s a short synopsis: Alix Phillips was a single mother and a television reporter. She was dedicated to her job and didn’t think twice before taking up any assignment. Her boss was satisfied with her hard work and most of the news she covered was award- winning. She had her old mother Isabelle and her teenage daughter Faye. Faye was studying in college was much like her mother. Alix was brave and passionate. She worked mostly on riots and war related events and featured them in the most fearless way. Her co-worker Ben who was an ex Navy seal officer. He was a photographer who travelled with Alix while they reported the news.
Now that Alix risks her life everytime she goes to a sensitive war prone zone is not easily accepted by her daughter. Alix lost her husband at an early age and became a young widow-mothet. Faye didn’t want to lose the most important person in her life, her mother. But Alix never listened, she thought she would get away with her working work give her best in reporting those news even if they brought grave danger. Now her boss Felix gave her an assignment on the senator, Tony who is running fir the US election. Felix thinks there’s something fishy about Tony who might be into s9me bad business with lobbies. Now it’s up to Alix to find out the truth on her own. While working on it, she also came across the CIA. As she went further to dig deep into the truth, things became more sinister.
The things I liked about this book is it’s female protagonist. The way her character was described was absolutely amazing. Next thing was the portraying of the war zones and political situations and conspiracy. I also liked the way the author implemented this random travelling from one country to another and importance of Alix in her job.
The things I did not like was repetition. The sane thing about Alix and Ben’s past as well as few conversations were described more than once. It made the story boring and broad. My opinion is that it could have done mire briefly then the story would have been more gripping.


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