STARS: *****

So, finally I read this book and it amazed me. Samantha Shannon didn’t fail to imoress with her strong imaginative skills again. There are quite a few series who has got sequels equally intriguing abd entertaining as the its 1st book and The Bone Season series is one of them.

Paige Mahoney, a 19 year old clairvoyant, the dreamwalker/the dark moth became the Underqueen of the criminal world of Scion London. She’s been cobtrolling all the activities and working with other mime lords. But Scion is devising new technologies to bring the Voyant world down. On the other hand Jaxon, Paige’s previous mime lord joined Nashira. Scion implemented Senshields, a secret scanner in every possible public places like atm,taxi,phone booth. lives of voyants are at stake. Tenkerbell who is sponsporing the activities of mime lord wants Paige to follow her instruction. But Paige don’t want to get instructed by some non humans. Even she’s having difficulty in freely interacting with Warden after becoming the Underqueen. With Scion’s increased anti-voyant security system it’s upto Paige and her associates to save the criminal world.

Well, if possible, I could give 50000……/5 stars to this book. I love the plot sooooo much. Since Paige is my favourite female fictional character, I expect a lot from her and she didn’t dishearten me. The adventures, plot twists, action everyrhing was on point. In this book, Paige travels different parts of Great Britain in order find clues to destroy the core of the Senshield, which I really liked. The ending iept me want for more. Now that Paige and Warden are sailing to Paris, things are going to be more intense in book 4. I highly recommend this book to any dystopia lover.


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