STARS: ****

This story is about witches with different powers and when powerful witches start fighting among themselves, a huge war is inevitable.
First of all thanks to the publisher for giving a review copy of this book. The cover is so stunning and with velvet finish, I simply love touching it.
Next is the concept of thread. It is important to understand what the author actually tried to mean by it but of course it’s up to the reader how they interprate. I personally imagined that thread was some sort of connection that looks like glowing fibre. They are visible to other witches but not to other normal people. Their colour may vary according to the category of the witch. That’s my concept.
Now, let’s come to the story. This story is set on the Witchland and it’s mainly based on two young witches named Safiya and Iseult. Safiya is a rare kind of Truthwitch. They got in trouble with a powerful Guildmaster and his bloodwitch named Aeduan. He is after Safiya to capture her. Iseult and Safi were thread sisters who wants to be free. Both Safi and Iseult have different and difficult childhood. On the other hand, the various clans of Witchland are clashing against each other for breaking treaties, so a war is coming. It’s upto Safi and Iseult to save each other from this both trouble.
There are a few things about this book that I would like to say in points-
1. Too many characters and it’s sometimes hard to remember with so many things happenings.
2. This plot is full of actions, magic and plot twists. So if you love them, you may pick this book and give it a try.
3. The author has built the characters and story of these two individual young witches very discretely which I loved. But it also felt a bit lagged.
4. The concept of witch and magic and war is nothing new, so it is not unique.
5. There is also romance other than action and magic but it was nicely mixed with the flow of this story.

According to me, it was a good fantasy novel, may be gripping for someone but not that much for me. Overall it’s pretty well elaborately written plot.


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