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STARS: ****

I’ve read the forst 2 books from the Legend of Orkney series and loved them. Thanks to the author for sending me an arc of her 3rd book.
Like the previous 2 books, this book is also fast paced. Readers who loved Percy Jackson or love middle grade fantasy will enjoy this book.
Sam who was taken by the witches and was forced to kill Odin against his will is now on a mission to bring Odin back. Frigga who is Odin’s wife has requested Sam to make everything right by bringing him back. On the other hand now that Odin is gone, the giants are plotting to attack the nineth realm. On his new mission, Sam had to let some evils out that were caged by Odin to protect the realm. But Sam has to let this bad happen in order to keep Figga’s promise.
I enjoyed this book a lot. It was full of adventure, action and magic. The author’s writing style is what keeps the whole story exciting. I loved the way she told both the past and presnt stories simultaneously. There was some really good plot twists and Ivwoupd totally recommend this series to anyone who loves reading fantasy and wants to imagine it happening.


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