BOOK TITLE: CROOKED KINGDOM AUTHOR: LEIGH BARDUGO GENRE: YOUNG-ADULT FANTASY STARA: **** I finally finished reading this book. I don’t know what took me so long, probably my paperback was not flappy enough. I know not a great excuse! To be honest, the first 3 parts of this book was going pretty slow for me but after that the plot became gripping and intense. I won’t repeat the synopsis rather I would keep it short based only on my thoughts on the plots and characters. I love the way Leigh Bardugo has portrayed the crow club as villains but finally giving them an image of some “badass” benevolent gang. Especially Kaz, he has got a soft corner in his heart though he almost never often shows that. Also, this book has the past stories of all the members in details. Though the story was mostly based on saving Wylan from his father, proving Van Eck a criminal and giving Wylan what he deserve, also saving Kuwei since they got him from the Ice court. The last part of the book was mostly entertaining for me or it was unputdownable. In order to complete their mission, the dregs will have to face some unfortunate incidents but I won’t reveal much otherwise that’ll be a spoiler. There is an appearance of a mysterios character. I kind of feel like I need to know more about her, so I was expecting to get something about that character. knowing that this is a duology kind of makes me disappointed.


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