STARS: ****

Nova is living the life of a villain by working for the Anarchist. Her uncle Ace was the leader of the Anarchist when they were the ruling group but after a battle the Renegades took over becoming the hero and things changed in Nova’s life. She lost her parents and baby sister when she was a little girl. She thought that the heroes of Renegades will come to save them when the rogues attacked their apartment but no one came to help. Since then, she has never slept for a single moment. Nova had a special power, she could make anyone fall asleep with the slight touch of hand. She was a prodigy just like many other heroes and villains. On the Renegades day the Anarchists wanted to destroy the rulers of the Renegades and it was all upto Nova, the Nightmare. But the attack didn’t execute successfully. The identity of Anarchists(who were thought to be dormant) was disclosed.
But Nova faced a new thing on the attack, a new prodigy named Sentinal. The Renegades didn’t know about Nightmare(Nova) and Sentinal(who wore the Renegades symbol). So, the Renegades began to think that the Anarchists are gaining power after many years. On the other hand, Anarchists are thinking that Sentinal is a new weapon of Renegades that is still a secret among Renegades head quarter.
In order to break the Renegades from the foundation, Nova is asked to disguise as a new prodigy and get into the Renegades as a trainee. As plan, Nova got selected in the Renegades through audition and became a new prodigy named Insomnia. Now that Nova has access to Renegades HQ, she’s starting to sense a lot more secrecy and complexity behind all the heroic faces. Will she be able to finish off the Renegades as planned or she’ll fall for one of her enemy, a fellow Renegades named Adrian aka the Sentinal.
I overall enjoyed reading this book. The suspense was not always at its peak but there was action from the fast to the last page. I’ve never read any book based on superheroes or villains, mostly enjoyed them in comic books or movies or animated shows. But this book was not totally a disappointment. One good thing about this book is the author didn’t diverge from the true genre ‘ya sci-fi’. Some of the sci-fi plots tend to shift towards romance but this book was not stereotypical. There is more of action than romance. I really liked the character Nova. She’s one of the most genuine female protagonists I’ve read. At first I didn’t like Adrian but as the story unfolded, it turned out to me he wasn’t that bad. But I expected a lot more suspense and plot twists from this book which didn’t happen. I’m also guessing there’s going to be a sequel since this book ended in sort of a cliffhanger! I hope it’ll be better and more thrilling.
Lastly, thanks to the publisher, panmacmillamindia for sending me a. arc of this book.


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