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STARS: ****

First of all I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this book and giving me an opportunity to read a book of such a different genre. I don’t read much of Historical non fictions but this book gave so much idea about my country’s past from a different perspective.
This is not just a book, this is a treasure of memories.
We who are enjoying our lives in the free India know very less about the struggle of freedom moreover the struggle to thrive during partition. This book has real stories which touches heart and bring tears.
This book has a collection of eighteen short incidents, some of them are related to author herself. She on behalf of her research work has been to several families who has experienced the partition.
The stories are told keeping either some artifacts in point of view as in kitchenware, photographs, heirlooms, books, poems, many more or past memories that have seen and lived through the partition.
It was a great experience reading this book. We hardly get to know the stories of people who have seen the partition and the small incidents that may have no historical significance but has drawn a deep line in their memories.

I would recomend this book to all history lovers, readers who want to know about people and their past.
I won’t consider this book to be fast paced one since I rarely read non fiction but I was able to finish it within 10 days in my busy schedule of university. The stories are definitely intriguing and are very distinct from one another.







STARS: ****

I finished this book last week and it was a different kind of read for me. This book is a retellingbof the disney movie Mulan. Since I haven’t seen Mulan, I could do any comparison. At the beginning the story went with a fast pace but later it was lagging so overall it was a medium paced read for me. It was filpee with action scenes and a female character as the only protagonist, her name was Mariko Hattori.
This story is about Mariko and her choices, her freedom. When she’ll join the Black clan at first without her agreement disguised as a boy she never knew that she’ll be a part of them one day.
I felt like this story could have been more gripping and it lacked some charm and suspense but otherwise was a fine retelling and gave a lot of Samurai and Japan vibes


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STARS: ****

I’ve read the forst 2 books from the Legend of Orkney series and loved them. Thanks to the author for sending me an arc of her 3rd book.
Like the previous 2 books, this book is also fast paced. Readers who loved Percy Jackson or love middle grade fantasy will enjoy this book.
Sam who was taken by the witches and was forced to kill Odin against his will is now on a mission to bring Odin back. Frigga who is Odin’s wife has requested Sam to make everything right by bringing him back. On the other hand now that Odin is gone, the giants are plotting to attack the nineth realm. On his new mission, Sam had to let some evils out that were caged by Odin to protect the realm. But Sam has to let this bad happen in order to keep Figga’s promise.
I enjoyed this book a lot. It was full of adventure, action and magic. The author’s writing style is what keeps the whole story exciting. I loved the way she told both the past and presnt stories simultaneously. There was some really good plot twists and Ivwoupd totally recommend this series to anyone who loves reading fantasy and wants to imagine it happening.





STARS: ****

This story is about witches with different powers and when powerful witches start fighting among themselves, a huge war is inevitable.
First of all thanks to the publisher for giving a review copy of this book. The cover is so stunning and with velvet finish, I simply love touching it.
Next is the concept of thread. It is important to understand what the author actually tried to mean by it but of course it’s up to the reader how they interprate. I personally imagined that thread was some sort of connection that looks like glowing fibre. They are visible to other witches but not to other normal people. Their colour may vary according to the category of the witch. That’s my concept.
Now, let’s come to the story. This story is set on the Witchland and it’s mainly based on two young witches named Safiya and Iseult. Safiya is a rare kind of Truthwitch. They got in trouble with a powerful Guildmaster and his bloodwitch named Aeduan. He is after Safiya to capture her. Iseult and Safi were thread sisters who wants to be free. Both Safi and Iseult have different and difficult childhood. On the other hand, the various clans of Witchland are clashing against each other for breaking treaties, so a war is coming. It’s upto Safi and Iseult to save each other from this both trouble.
There are a few things about this book that I would like to say in points-
1. Too many characters and it’s sometimes hard to remember with so many things happenings.
2. This plot is full of actions, magic and plot twists. So if you love them, you may pick this book and give it a try.
3. The author has built the characters and story of these two individual young witches very discretely which I loved. But it also felt a bit lagged.
4. The concept of witch and magic and war is nothing new, so it is not unique.
5. There is also romance other than action and magic but it was nicely mixed with the flow of this story.

According to me, it was a good fantasy novel, may be gripping for someone but not that much for me. Overall it’s pretty well elaborately written plot.






STARS: ****

This book is soooo hyped among bookstagrammers. It’s actually hard to avoid this book and it’s spoilers. I liked the first book though many people didn’t much have high positive thoughts.

The first thing I want to say is the more I read about Feyre, the more I dislike her and the more I read about Lucien,Rhys, Cassian, Mor, Azriel I love them. The book was huge but the plot was really captivating. Most interesting part started from the second part. Another thing, many people hate Tamlin, I don’t hate him like that. I dislike that he’s possessive and prevented Feyre to be free and roam around the spring Court. There were some adult scenes too. This book can be a fantasy novel but it’s more concentrated on romance(which to some extent was disgusting), things between Feyre and Tamlin or Feyre and Rhysand was intense(let me not tell in what way).
If this book is to be described to be two sentences it will be- “Tamlin wants to marry Feyre but Feyre wants to be free while Rhys realises Feyre to be his mate and brought her to Night Court. He trained(banged) her to fight in a war lead by the king of Hybern(there was no wae, btw) and then Feyre comes back to Tamlin ro save her sisters.

So basically, Feyre is being thrown and caught by Tamlin and Rhysand in turn. LOL





STARS: ****1/2

There’s no way denying the fact that this is a great book. 6th book in the series where the Dark Lord is rising again. Hogwarts as well as the magical world is in grave danger. It’s up to Harry how he’ll save whatever that was in the prophecy. With Sirius’s death, Harry inherited all his property. But it left him in despair and he has never been this sad. Dumbledore comes to his uncle’s house to take him to complete a task where Harry had to persuade Slughorn to return to Hogwarts.
Back in Hogwarts, students are in danger. Parents are worried to leave their kids. There have been several attacks which were done by the death eaters by various curses.
This is the book where a detail of Voldemort’s past is given – who were his parents, how he became the dark lord. This book also introduced the reader to horcruxes.
My personal feeling after reading the book is that
1. I hate Snape and Malfoy
2. I will never ship Harry and Ginny and I also dislike Ginny
3. I simply couldn’t stand Dumbledore’s death





STARS: ***1/2

First of all I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a review copy of the book. This was my first Danielle Steel read, so I had no idea about her writing style or genre style. I started this book expecting a lot since I heard so many good things about the author.
Here’s a short synopsis: Alix Phillips was a single mother and a television reporter. She was dedicated to her job and didn’t think twice before taking up any assignment. Her boss was satisfied with her hard work and most of the news she covered was award- winning. She had her old mother Isabelle and her teenage daughter Faye. Faye was studying in college was much like her mother. Alix was brave and passionate. She worked mostly on riots and war related events and featured them in the most fearless way. Her co-worker Ben who was an ex Navy seal officer. He was a photographer who travelled with Alix while they reported the news.
Now that Alix risks her life everytime she goes to a sensitive war prone zone is not easily accepted by her daughter. Alix lost her husband at an early age and became a young widow-mothet. Faye didn’t want to lose the most important person in her life, her mother. But Alix never listened, she thought she would get away with her working work give her best in reporting those news even if they brought grave danger. Now her boss Felix gave her an assignment on the senator, Tony who is running fir the US election. Felix thinks there’s something fishy about Tony who might be into s9me bad business with lobbies. Now it’s up to Alix to find out the truth on her own. While working on it, she also came across the CIA. As she went further to dig deep into the truth, things became more sinister.
The things I liked about this book is it’s female protagonist. The way her character was described was absolutely amazing. Next thing was the portraying of the war zones and political situations and conspiracy. I also liked the way the author implemented this random travelling from one country to another and importance of Alix in her job.
The things I did not like was repetition. The sane thing about Alix and Ben’s past as well as few conversations were described more than once. It made the story boring and broad. My opinion is that it could have done mire briefly then the story would have been more gripping.





STARS : ****1/2

I’m glad this book is in my 50th review.

Okay, I can’t believe what I just read. This is what we should call a inter galactic ya romance… LOL :3

I’m serious guys, I absolutely loved it, yes more than I loved Illuminae. I supposed this book to depict the story of Kady and Ezra further but I was wrong. This story is based on the Heimdall jump station. The main characters are Hanna, Nik, Ella, Jax and Mr. Grant(Kady’s dad). The resident of Heimdall jump stations are spending their lives normally and preparing for the Tera day party unless BeiTech terrorists attack the station. At first I was at total blank, why BeiTech was attacking hemidall, their purpose were vague but gradually it became clear to me. Next, Heimdall was cultivating some weird low level creatures named “Lanima” who eats souls. I couldn’t understand there purpose in the very beginning but in the end, it was understood.
This book deals with the attack on Heimdall station and the rescue mission of its survivors by Hanna, Nik and Ella.

The most interesting part according to me came at the end. Twist after twists simply blew my mind. When the captain of Kerenza (Kady’s ship) explained the theory of Multiverse and the existence of Gemina particles, it was amaaaaaaaa…..aaaaazing !
It shook me totally. I won’t start explaining what gemina particles or Multiverse or parallel universe is now otherwise it’ll totally spoil the fun for those who haven’t read this book yet.
So, if you’ve read Illuminae and loved it and haven’t read gemina, confused whether you’ll like it or not, my advise is to grab a copy asap. And those haven’t read bthis series yet, you should at least try it. I can almost surely say that you haven’t read anything as intriguing as this. The 3rd book will release this October and I know the wait will be long but I hope it’ll worth it cause Gemina just freaking lifted my expectations.





STARS: ****

There are probably 3 ways with which I can rate any Agatha Christie books and they are –1. good, 2. too good, 3. so good that it changed my life/thoughts.
This book falls under the second catagory. Hercule Poirot no doubt picked up the culprit from the group of 5 people related to the victim with such an ease. This book is divided into 3 parts. First part is where young Carla comes to Poirot to solve a case about her parents. Sixteen years ago her mother, Caroline Crale was convicted of the murder of her husband Amyas Crale. Mr. Crale was a renowned painter and devotedly loved his wife inspite of all the little quarrels. One afternoon, Anya’s was found dead in the battery garden of his house at Alderbury in Devonshire. Since at that time he had an affair with the girl Elsa Greer who he was painting at that moment. Naturally the suspicion was on Mrs. Crale because it was obvious that she would be jealous of her husband’s new relation and try to eliminate that. But before she died, Caroline gave her daughter a letter where she stated that she dud not kill her husband. Carla was determined to find the truth and the one for whom her parents had to suffer. Then Poirot accepts her request and starts enquiring all the five probable suspects who were present there on that day with the purpose of killing Mr. Crale. They were Crale’s best friend Mr. Philip Blake, Meredith Blake, Elsa Greer, the governess Mrs Cecilia Williams and Caroline’s half sister Angela Warren.
The second part has the narrative of all the suspects of that tragic event where Mr. Crale was murdered and all other events related to it. The third part is where Poirot show his talent of grey cells.
My view about this book is that– at the beginning I thought it might be boring but eventually things started to become better and more interesting. I despised the character Elsa from the very beginning and I was glad to know in the end what I had guessed. I won’t say much otherwise I might spill the beans. But this book has very fine elements and a lot of plot twists.To be honest I hate women like Elsa Greer so much, I think they are the reason for many of the marital conflicts and divorces nowadays. The one who tries to mingle into a peaceful family by wrecking up a married man’s brain, are nothing but worthless. And if I did get a chance to ask a question to Madam Christie I would ask her how she did all these, writing all these mind blowing plots.






STARS: ****

If anyone wants to know about the story in one sentence there’s only one thing to say – “This is a love story of a human girl and a faerie Lord where the human girl will face death to save her love.”

First of all I’ve read mixed reviews about this book. Many have also said that the last part is only interesting. But I personally loved the whole story from the very first page till the end. It is definitely a fairy tale, written with more complex perspective. The story is about a girl named Feyre. She lives with her father and two other elder sisters. They were once wealthy merchant but lost all their wealths in an unfortunate case. So, now Feyre has taken the responsibility of her family. She has become a huntress to feed her family. One day while hunting, she somehow hunted a wolf that seemed to be a faerie. After while, Feyre was captured by another faerie and taken into their land known as the Spring Court. After that, the main adventure starts.

The high lord of the spring court who captured Feyre, was Tamlin. They gradually fall in love with each other without their own realisation. Feyre eventually discovered the secrets of the faeries and their lands. She also came to know abot the different courts and the evil”She”, Amarantha. But she never in her life thought, that she will have to fight against this faerie queen to save Tamlin. There are two other important male characters, one is Lucien and other is Rhysand. Lucien was from autumn court but after he left his family, Tamlin took him. Rhysand was the high lord of the night court. My favourite is Lucien because I like the character no matter what. I think he is very helpful and kind even though he never shows that at first but he helps Feyre till the end. Rhysand on the other hand is a very grey character. First he seemed good, then again bad and then again good. So, I have a m8xed feeling about him. Other interesting character is Nesta, Feyre’s one sister. When Tamlin glamoured Feyre’s families mind, he was unable to do that Nesta but that mystery was not revealed in this book. I hope the second book gives nore about that. And I’m also eager to read the next book. The cover of the last book in the series has already been revealed and I love all the three covers of the three books. This was my first Sarah J. Maas read, hoping to read her other series too.